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I want to try some free singing application like karaoke and sound cloud.Let me know If there is any free application .

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There are a number of free music signing application online or ones that you can download and use on your mobile device. Here are some that you might like:

  1. Karaoke-A-GoGo
  2. RecForge
  3. Easy Voice Recorder
  4. Tune Wiki
  5. Voice Ease
  6. Guitar Solo Life
  7. musiXmatch
  8. Easy Band Studio
There are only a few of the ones out there today. I've only listed the top 8 that people use and download the most. 
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I like singing free karaoke app too, and I am using at the moment the Star maker app. Though you need to upgrade if you want to become VIP, however it is not necessary since they have different competitions where you can join and if you win you win a short VIP access. I am in free app and I can still sing different songs. I have tries Smule app too but I most prefer Star maker than Smule. I have been searching karaoke app and I once discovered an offline karaoke app called Singalong and Sing Karaoke app. You can download the song you like and sing it offline whenever you go and it's all free. You just need more space in your device though. Overall with my experience, you can try Star maker maybe you will like it.

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