Ofcourse, I am very excited.  Many of us is excited.  Once, the vaccine is made. Thank everyone for all the help and sacrifices.  Also Thank GOD for all the things that he had done to us. 
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Yes everyone exited for corona vaccine. many people has lost their jobs and business virus situation is getting worst now days you can see people dyeing daily due to corona. 

vaccine is main need for today for world oxford have created vaccine it will be available at end of the year. also many labs are trying to create vaccine as soon as possible.
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We just hope that these vaccines will be effective and there are no side effects. I have been praying this since day one. I am sure that everything that is happening today will be gone soon. It will not be in normal life, but we can still live with great hope.
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I am, when it comes just, like with all medicines, I think it will be a long waiting list. Yet, I hope that everyyone will get it and it won't be that expensive.
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My president had announced that vaccines will be available here in December. I heard that these vaccines will come from the UK, Australia, and China.
really? well, that is good. if we need them, they are here. very comforting.
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Am  very happy because God has solve our problem in all over the world so many people get excited covid 19 kill so many people for a long time 
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I am looking forward to the introduction of a vaccine and I will definitely be having it once it is proved to be safe. In the UK there is talk of the vaccine being available by the autumn which will coincide with the children going back to school. Unfortunately it will not be available to everyone although due to my age I am in a high risk group so fingers crossed.
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Yes, definitely. But it should not be in hurry, otherwise  consequences will be like polio. Proper phages of trial , with human trial should be done. It's effect and consequences should be studied thoroughly. Then and only then it should be introduced in the market. But not in hurry. Otherwise detrimental results, we will have to face.
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Yes, I am. After all these sad news of people dying all over the world, I just hope the vaccine is made soon and should be accessible to all (if possible, free for all).

But, we need to wait some more. Human trials take time. I do hope it comes out as soon as possible though.
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Yes, off course because due to Covid-19 millions of people are facing many types of problems since 6 months in which unemployment is the biggest one. Covid-19 vaccines not only give life to many peoples it saves many homes also by poverty.
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A vaccine could help get things back to normal. However, any new drugs may have some short term or long term side-effects. Since the covid-19 vaccine is being rushed, though some pharmaceutical companies already claim success in some of their trials, it is the long term side-effect that I am weary of. That makes me less excited for the vaccine.
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