How can I prevent my fingernails from forming ridges? What treatment can be used to remove ridges on fingernails?

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The ridges on nails were form especially if you are lacking certain vitamins like Zinc and Vitamin A and E. You have to change your diet and include foods that is rich with Vitamins and minerals.

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• To control the ridges on nails ,you need to take care of it.

• proper food nutrition should be eaten for healthy growth of nails.ridges are mainly formed by deficiency of zinc and vitamin a.

• mainly nails are effected when we don't get sufficient zinc ,you need to eat chickpeas,egg , vegetables,meat.

* Just try natural manicure methods like using lemon.
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Eat a healthy diet and take a good multivitamin and make sure you are getting plenty of omega 3 fatty acids.Take fish oil capsule thrice a day.

Lubricate your nails daily rubbing jojoba or vitamin E oils on cuticle.

Wear gloves when you are using household soaps and chemicals for cleaning.

Massage your hand with cream around your finger nails and finally gently  buff the ridges away by trimming your nails then filing them.
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Ridges on nails may be caused by various reasons:

1. Aging

2. Lack of moisture

3. Nutrients deficiencies ( Vitamin D,zinc,B12,iron,keratin)

4. Hormonal changes

5. Diabetes

If the ridges are severe and very prominent,you might want to get your laboratories checked. If it is just mild then you can opt on taking supplements for nails. 

Eat green vegies and go for a walk or do some light exercises. A good blood circulation may also improve your nails. Have enough sleep and hydrate well. 
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Some dermatologists advise gently buffing their patients' nails to get rid of ridges. It is advised to continue nourishing their nails, keeping them clipped, and consulting dermatologists for more guidance.
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