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As an animal enthusiast I know dogs are the most intelligent animal. But which one? Which dog breed is the most intelligent in the world?

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Border collie is known as the most intelligent dog. It's also has a very good obedient nature. These herding dogs has a very friendly temperament to humans.

Border collies are of Scottish origin. These dog breed are widely used in rearing sheeps in Europe. They are very hard working in nature and very cute too.
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Australian Shepherds are the most intelligent and agile dog breed. Especially when it comes to dog sports these smart herding animal shows its full brightness. Australian Shepherds are well known for their rearing abilities.
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I don't know much about dog breeds but from my experience I know German Shepherds are real intelligent animals. They are actually an all purpose breed just because of their intelligence. They have a very good physique too. These strong and smart breed are very common in almost all countries especially in India. Sometimes purebred of these dogs acts like a human and they are such a smart dog breed.
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One upvote there! Me too had a German Shepherd during my childhood. He was really intelligent. Even smarter than me on those days. I love him a lot. They are very brilliant.
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Being a dog lover. I feel that dogs are one of the smartest and the most intelligent animals available on earth. Even though there are some of the breeds that are tagged as the most intelligent dog breeds available with some of the features that makes them too intelligent to be handled. 
Though they are the smartest breeds, we can not say that any of the breed is not intelligent or they do not have there intelligence level. That's because every dog have its own characters and that makes them smarter than the other. 

Well here is an breed that I found to be the best breed that is the smartest. 

POODLE - That is known to be one of the proud dog breed. It is very active, and known to be one of the smartest dog breed that one can go for.

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The intelligence of the dog depends on their trainability, ability to memorize, and commands to connect with us. Among all others these breeds are intelligent:-
1. Border Collie.
2. Poodle.
3. German Shepherd.
4. Labrador Retriever.
As I also keep German Shepherd, who is very intelligent. The intelligence of the dog also depends on your care and treatment. Always try CBD treatment for your dog because it's effective as compared to normal treatment. Always use cbd oil dog for proper care and growth of dog's hair because cbd oil is made from the cannabis, which has lots of medicinal properties.

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