Intentionally or not.

Imagine you went on a trip with this person, a close person (a friend, sibling or something else) and you were together all the time. then, it happens the moment when this person acts like your mom, with an authority and tries to shame you by disapproving your behaviour in front of strangers. saying you did this or that, when it wasn't true.image

i mean, this person could tell you this in private, why at loud?

what do you think, do you approve it and could you be around that person?

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It gives lots of pain when those people do this to whom we think that they are very close to our heart. In my view this type of nature becomes very common in this generation. So you have to make yourself more and more strong to face this this type of persons and this type of situations in future.
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i like your answer and comment. you are right. it is something about this age when people forget their manners or think this is cool, when it isn't. thank you.
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I will be shock.  I would feel that the clock stops because of the shaming of the closes person. But, i will try to talk to him or her and ask what is the problem. Why are doing that to me. I will try my best to be calm and relax  and try to understand because he or she closes to me. 
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thank you for commenting. that is a good way if this person had done this only once but, if this happened before, what then? 
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Shame. It’s such an uncomfortable feeling. So uncomfortable that you may not even want to read this post. You think that if you leave it hidden in the shadows, outside of conscious awareness, maybe, just maybe, you can pretend it’s not there.

But it is. And for some of us, it’s dug in deep.

If shame stays where it is, unseen and unexplored, it will continue to affect you. How? It’s behind the self-critical voice in your head, many unsatisfying dynamics in relationships, feelings of lack and unworthiness, and choices that keep you from fully living.
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well, i agree. noone likes to feel shame, especially when person close to you do that to you. and, not for a first time. yes, it is a harsh word but it's there and we shouldn't ignore it.
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If a person does this deliberately, he or she will get the evil side of me. No one can do this to me and to anyone else. It is a matter of earning respect. Honestly, I will fight back. I can deal with the rudeness of someone, but not in public. It is me who is in the hot seat and needs to overturn the situation as much as possible.
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and if this happened again, but after some time? i agree that people should stand up for herself or himself but, it is a great shock and noone wants to make public scenes:(

On some occasions, it happens in real life. Of course, these people are tactless and they are not scared to create a scene in public.
that is true. i just get hurt when i'm surrounded with people who think only on themselves.
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The feeling is always bad. I expect a close a person to confront me personally to find out or at least discuss issues before taking it public. 
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you are right. we can be open to each other but, there is a difference netween public and private and talking in private is something can be always done. thank you for your comment.
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It Happens with me last new year celebration. i and my girlfriend were at pub with my friends and during celebration we were dancing and enjoying that moment.

I met my office lady friend their we had seen each other after six months. hence we were chatting and laughing. but our friendship bothered my girlfriend and she went angry with me. she was drunk and she ask me unwanted question about by lady friend and slapped me in front of my friend during happy new year party.

this was very sad experience. it hurts me a lot.
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gosh, i am deeply sorry. this could be handled in private. not cool and sorry for this feeling and injury:(

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