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Some spices like black pepper or chili can loose weight because it will fasten your metabolism enough to digest food.

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• black peppers are equally effective as a red peppers in reducing weight loss.

• They are more effective when we use freshly prepared , powdered black pepper..

• it improve digestive system, it helps in cure of cold ,cough ,it also helps for weight loss.Most of them prefer them to sprinkle in soups recipe.

• black pepper contains piperine which burns fat while increasing metabolism.All spicy foods are best for weight loss but it should be taken in moderation.
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I can attest to that black pepper is amazing in loosing weight. I thought it was a joke until i tried it a few months back, i lost my belly fat i had put on some weight so i needed something natural and i chose black pepper wonderful.
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Black pepper is a welcome addition to a calorie- controlled fat loss diet.A teaspoon of pepper has only 8 calories but offers a ton of flavor, which makes it a lower calorie substitute for sauce.Black pepper naturally revs up your metabolism which results in fat burning.Black pepper is low calorie season and hence won't make you lose your whole belly fat.
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I think it true that black pepper helps us to lose weight.Studies shows that the  chemical found in black pepper called alkaloids piperine when consume can help speed up metabolism which will help burn calories faster and which in turn reduces ones weight.

Experts are of the views that black pepper speed up metabolism because it is spicy and to get the most out of it one should add a bit of tomatoes juice to the pepper while  cooking with it to get utmost effects.

I'm trying to lose weight myself and since I read about this online,I have been adding black pepper to my meals and I know it having a positive effect on my weight. It does help and an easy thing to do too.

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