I am planning to travel in the next six months and I am still in doubt if airplanes are safe.
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maybe you can ring up the company and ask them how many people will be there and how are their conditions during this time. i wish you all the luck.
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In my country's airlines, limited passengers need to be on board. I heard some domestic airplanes were closed down lately.
i hope staff remains responsible. i get to see double standards in train or bus by both passengers and drivers about masks.
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The world is gripped by a new coronavirus that started in China and has since moved into more than 85 countries, including the United States. Meanwhile, it is also flu season, which so far has caused 18,000 deaths in the U.S.

Major airports have begun screening passengers for the coronavirus, and more than three dozen airlines—including  American, and United—have cut their flights to China and other places affected by the crisis. But those measures may not provide much solace to anyone who has to board a flight.
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Two of my uncles had traveled through airplanes from the USA to the Philippines and vice-versa. However, it is a risky thing to do. We cannot be sure if they will be infected along the journey. Moreover, they need to be quarantined for 14 days before they can go to their final destination.
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In my opinion in the midst of the current crisis is as safe as it is on any other day. Planes are cleaner than ever people are exercising precautions while travelling and airports are adopting rigorous screening measures to check people entering and leaving their countries.
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In this era of epidemic, vigilance and prevention are the main treatment. It is safe to travel in the airplanes if you follow all the protocols related to COVID-19.
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