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Is it helpful to take food as pre workout than post workout to burn more calories? How it is connected with obesity and reducing belly?

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• I think Eating before starting excercise is not effective in burning fat .

• The food we take before starting excercise should be light ,most of them advice to take food before starting excercise is to proper energy and stamina to do excercise.

• The food we take should be light ,some people might have health issues while doing excercise or lose conscious ,they must surely prefer to take food before they start excercise.
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Whether you exercise before or after eating you burn the same amount of calories.Despite of that its advisable to exercise after eating to maximise the effectiveness of your work out and avoid side effects.

Effects of exercising before eating include: effects of exercising on an empty stomach indicates there's no glucose inside the blood for energy use, the body turns quickly to fat and is used up hence losing calories.

Exercising without eating is risky especially to the diabetic people because of the low likelihood of hypoglycemia.Low blood pressure is dangerous and can be avoided by eating before exercise.

There are many advantages of exercising after eating ad one of them is you'll exercise for longer hours.
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The weight of an individual is not affected by the food eaten before and after workout. Anything taken before a workout is yet to be accounted for in the body's calorie intake, thus it has not added or subtracted from the body's weight. Not until the food is broken down to absorbable forms for energy production that's when it can be said of calories obtained from the food.
What the workout will basically do to the food is to accelerate its metabolic rate in order for it to be digested and make the calories from the food available for use. Will this affect the essence of the workout which is cutting down of fats?

No, the body can still lose weight in spite of the food intake before the workout if you remain consistent with your workout plan. The food eaten before and after workout will only help to boost your energy level needed for recovery after the workout without interfering with your weight instantaneously.
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This is a great article summing up the evidence regarding eating before and after exercise. Some of the most relevant points:

  1. Exercising on an empty stomach causes your body to use more fat for energy; that doesn't seem to lead to greater fat or weight loss in the long-term, however.
  2. In fact, eating before exercising may lead to greater performance, especially for long-duration (longer than one hour) exercise. A high-carb meal taken three to four hears prior to exercising seems to be the most recommended approach.
  3. You should definitely eat after exercising, especially if you didn't eat before; in this case, do so as soon as possible. If you did eat before, then there's no problem waiting a few hours before consuming protein, which helps repair muscles and other tissues. Carbs can also help you by restoring your glycogen stores.
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I think it is not advisable to have a meal before workout because basically you'll feel a lot heavier and full, and you may not be able to move and execute your routine properly. After eating a meal, it is advisable to take ample amount of rest to enable the body to burn the food we eat and convert it to energy, which the body will utilize throughout the workout. Proper digestion requires at least 3 hours.

I also think it is more advisable to eat after workout. Some may think that the body may crave more amount of food to compensate the energy lost. However, it is in fact the other way around. You are more likely eat less because the fluids you take in the course of the routine will already make you feel full.
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We are always advised to do exercises at least 2 hours before we go to bed or eating. And it makes perfect sense especially the eating part. Can you imagine going to do exercises after you have just eaten? how will it feel, first and foremost the stomach is full, there is that discomfort when you even try to bend, how about jumping up and down, how uncomfortable will that feel. I guess the reason why we are told to do exercises 2 hours before we eat is for us to be comfortable enough to run and jump without vomiting, or having bouts of breathlessness. You will notice that when you workout like that you get tired quickly and you won't be able to do your workout properly. Calories are broken down after food has been digested and turned into fats and sugars, that's when you do exercises and burn the fat and the calories. before that you won't be doing yourself any justice you will only be tiring yourself and your body. And again after you have eaten, you might start feeling sick or get dizzy whereby your heart rate gets increasingly fast which can be very dangerous. So it's good to be advised on this things before you start on any exercises.

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