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Before using any tyres, you should try and make sure it's the right tyre for your vehicle because most accidents I have witnessed so far are caused by using the wrong tyres. If the tyre isn't suitable for your car, please don't use whether it's bigger or smaller. Safety should come first.

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You can use different diameter tires on a car as long as the rims still fit around the break rotors. Say your rim is 18 , you could use anything up to 18 on it, like 17 for example.

Also keep in mind that the larger the tire is, the more you will spend on gas as the "touching" area on the ground will be bigger, so the drag will be bigger, making you use more gas.
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When it comes to using cars and anything that is related to the car, I always have this preference to using car parts that are from a trusted and reliable company that have been in business for years without much cases.
Now when it comes to using car tyres, there is one particular company I prefer using their tyre products and the company is called Mechelline tyres. Tyres are very important to the safety and smooth driving and it's the reason why the road authorities here don't joke with inspection of expired tyre used by some drivers. A lot of accidents have been caused by using bad tyres because they blow up when you least expected to and this puts so many people in risk of getting involved in an accident. Using a reputable car tyre company products will help you use the best tyres for your car.
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Tyres are very essential part of the vehicle which mustbe  taken very serious and must be used in accordance to rules and regulations to avoid accidents.

Many accidents today are caused by bad condition of the vehicle tyres! It is either the tyre is overguaged or underguaged which whichever one is never good for life's.

Many car owners especially the commercial vehicles believe in over guaging the cars and using bigger tyres of higher diameter to carry more loads. This I believe is never bad but it is important to note that, cars are produced with special calculations and designs to fit in or for certain purpose.

In the first place, it is not ideal to replace a car tyre with wider one because of many things that might affect it. Alignment is one important part of a car which when it is not done properly might cause the wearing and tearing of the tyre especially ddue to the larger than normal diameter and the result will be disaster.

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