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Is CLA helpful to burn belly fat? What does it do in our body? Should I do exercise or workouts together with CLA for fat burning to work? Is workout necessary while taking conjugated linoleic acid?
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I would recommend making use of exercises to burn fat. It's more healthy in my opinion. 

You can workout at home or at the gym. 

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Yes, whenever you try a new product or diet it is essential that you also exercise , that way you will enhance the benefits of cla (or whatever else that you plan on taking). Keep in mind that Cla or anything else is not a miracle, you will need to have self control on food, exercise and so on as well.

It is recommeneded to take cla is 3-5 grams per day. But you need to follow a diet and exercise a fact your results will be based on your routine and not just on cla, it will only be helpful, but not what will really make the difference.

Results can show up in 3-5 weeks. Sometimes no changes happen at all as it does not work wonderfully for eevrybody. If you eat the same way and do not exercise it will definitely not help.
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Personally I don't rely on CLA or any other products alone when it comes to weight loss.Losing weight the right way comprised of different things it not a one way thing and as such you should not depend soley on CLA.

To burn belly fat you need to add belly fat burning  exercises to it like pushup,tucking in,press up etc.Work on your diet and lifestyle too.Start by reducing your food intake, reduce the quantity of carbohydrate on your menu,add more protein,fiber and veggie to it,take plenty water and eat in small portion.

Don't relent in doing  these little changes and  take more of water  than alcoholic and fizzy drinks. Just overhaul all the  habits that goes contrary to your success to stand a good chance of losing weight.
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It might sound too good to be true to lose fat with fat. Yes! It very very possible. CLA(conjugated linoleic acid) has proven that not only belly fat can be loss when it's used but also for general overweight condition of the human. This CLA is one of the two omega-6 fatty acids that is regarded as essential fatty acid wihich work perfectly with the body metabolism by increasing its rate. In other word, it increases the rate food eaten is converted to energy. It also help in boosting the immune system as well as keeping cholesterol levels in the check.

More importantly, CLA is useful in reducing  body fats when consumed. It has been discovered that when CLA is used properly with a regimented diet and exercise plan, it can increase exercise endurance and muscle strength. As a matter of fact, CLA can not be produced by the human body, they are rather gotten from animal and diary fats such as lamp, whole milk, eggs and beef.
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Cla- Conjugated Lionoleic Acid.
Those trying to loose weight are often advised tto take or eat less or more.but this is often ineffective oon its own.and people are failing to reach their goals. For this reason, many turn to supplement to help them lose weight. One of those is conjugated linoleic acid(CLA), a natural fatty acid found in meat and dairy products.
Research shows its effective for fat loss in animals, but the evidence in human sis less promising. However, class is not very effective in human for loosing weight or burning fats 2he compared to other  animals.
Thus, one study in mice found that supplelementing with CLA for six 2eeks reduced body fat by 70% .

A research in human shows thal class has only à modest weight loss benefit. So those who supplement with 3.2 grams per day lost an average oof 0.11 pounds (0.05kg) per week.
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Now, I'm going to be very honest with you and make it know that I don't have any knowledge about what a CLA is. I'm not sure if it means calories or anything else but if it's used to burn fats, then what I can chip into using it would be to make sure that it does not have any side effects for making use of it in burning fats.
Personally, when it comes to burning fat or calories, I have more than enough reasons to believe that making use of exercises and workouts is the best procedure for burning fats without having any complications and side effects on your body and general health.
You can also start participating in one meal in a day program called OMAD. This would be very helpful in getting you to cut down the amount of calories you consume on daily basis and when combined with workouts, you will burn lots of calories.

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