any interesting thing on private life.
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It is obvious that they are fond of their celebrities. Personally, it is not a good thing to worship them. One thing for sure, they are all humans like us. Still, I cannot blame them because it is their choice to do this. In my city, I am proud to say that the locals just look at them. And then, walk away after seeing them. Unlike others who want to touch their idols in life.
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Very true it's good to love your celebrity but not worship them because this will be another thing:sin. They are persons in our sox9but have lined themselves in becoming the society's mirror(we say art is a reflection of a society so does celebrities). 
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Maybe because they are enjoying of the personal lives good or bad. They might think that it will be trending because they are well know personalities.  Plus, it gives them plus point that they will also be popular when they get some issue. 
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Celebrities are popular people and when things are popular it attracts attention, besides celebrities are role models to so many people, a lot of people want to be like their celebrity role models and as such copy the lifestyle of those celebrities. 
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Celebrities give interviews, share juicy information about their personal lives, and even engage directly with fans on sites such as Twitter. The result is that "parasocial" relationships — the psychological term for the kind of one-sided relationships fans have with stars — are easier than ever.
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There are two kinds of people, good and bad. Maybe good people just want to know on how do they handle their private lives while infront of billions of people idolize them. How can you handle your morning taking your coffee in starbucks while being surrounded by your billions of fans, you just only want a peaceful morning. Bad people wants to know their private lives is just because they want to have the celebrity a bad career to the public. they spread hate,negative comments etc. just to criticize just that celeberity.
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Most of the time you find that ordinary persons have no time for that but the media and bloggers keep following celebrities lives and put it in the open for everyone and this catches the public eye and becomes very interested in knowing in more detail. The celebrities also might be interested in showing of their private lives. This brings in the issue of showbiz too a way of making money too by the celebrities. 
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For me I am not interest at all in life of celebrities and i don't even check what is there news and what they are doing.

I think this is a waste of time and we have more important things to do.
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No, i didn't encourage in searching of events in private life of any people. All people in the world even a popular artist or billionaire have many issues in both personal and professional life. We have to respect others privacy too.
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