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• I think Coffee is not a solution for curing migraine.

• Though some people prefer to have coffee while having mild headache , it might feel better at the stage .But it is not good for migraine.

• As coffee contains high amount of caffeine contents most of the people prefer to avoid taking coffee.

• I have a friend facing migraine ,avoids coffee stuff and taking proper medication suggested by a doctor.
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Yes is very helpful in such a situation since it contains caffein.That's why when you take any pain killer like paracetamol, you feel better.This is because it contains caffeine.Caffeine reduces inflammation bring about relief.

Also caffeine can at the same cause headache especially if you're addicted to it.This comes about since caffeine narrows the blood vessels in the brain, when you don't take it for some time the blood vessels expand hence causing pain.
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  • I don't think coffee is a good choice for migraine, as for me it triggers my migraine more. You should avoid eating chocolates too as it is one of the causes of migraine based on research study. As much as possible, try to go the natural way as doing the yoga can help to cure the migraine (well on my part). But still it's up to you as your body responds on what you are doing to yourself. :)  
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Caffeine can trigger migraine in some people. Coffee is known to contain high caffeine ant is usually not recommended for headaches. So is it safe for migraine sufferers? A strong cup of coffee will actually reduce migraine heads. It is the caffeine in coffee that will be in charge of holding back certain receptors that are known to be capable of causing migraine pains.
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Coffee has the potential of triggering and inhibiting headaches(migraine). Owing to the fact that coffee contain caffeine which happens to be a pain reliever makes it to be a good inhibitor of migraine. Caffeine is also found in chocolates, beverages, and in some pain relievers that are sold over the counter and prescribed drugs as their main constituents.
Migraine is caused by the narrowing of the blood vessels through what is known as vasoconstriction. This makes it difficult for the blood to flow as it ought to. Coffee can then be taken to increase the blood flow by enlarging the narrowed blood vessel via vasodilation thus relieving the sufferer of the migraine.

On the contrary, coffee can also cause migraine through what is known as "coffee rebound". Coffee rebound is triggered by the withdrawal from the use of coffee after much consumption of it over time.
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Yes. Coffee would be a good choice to relieve migraine as it contains caffeine. You may find that most pain relievers also have caffeine as one of its ingredients, as it increases their effectiveness by 40%. Hence, whether you prefer drinking ibuprofen or aspirin, these medicines will work better and faster, and will keep the pain away longer when combined with caffeine.

However, there is also what we call rebound headache that results from the overuse of medication or overdependence to caffeine. When we are regularly exposed to caffeine, dependency develops, and the brain tends to expect that it will soon be given dose of caffeine. Hence, when this condition is not met, withdrawal symptoms occur, which includes headache itself.
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The short version is this: if you don't take caffeine regularly, then yes, maybe a strong cup of coffee will do the trick. But if you have frequent headaches and/or take caffeine on a regular basis, then avoiding caffeine is the best.

The problem is that your body gets used to the effects if you take too much of anything. This means two things: at best, the substance becomes ineffective; at worst, you develop a dependency on the substance and go into withdrawal if you stop taking it. This is why caffeine is both a treatment and a cause of migraines. The key takeaway is that moderation is your best friend, as usual. You can read more on this short but informative article by the American Migraine Foundation.

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As there are many things you can do and you can take to reduce a migraine, It is also a good choice to go and get a drink of coffee. As we all know, coffee has a high content of caffeine, and based on the studies caffeine do help to reduce the pain of a headache or a migraine. What caffeine do is to reduce inflammation and it brings relief to us. It is said that taking caffeine as a remedy for getting rid of a  migraine is about to 40% effective and sometimes it can really stop the pain. So it is good to get and drink a cup of coffee whenever we are experiencing a severe headache or a migraine.
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I believe you are referring to curing migraine I will say in a little way,that's if it is taken in moderation because much of it triggers beaches which can be both mild or severe just like a migraine.

So to cure a bit of migraine experts are of the views that caffeine content like coffee should be withdrawn for sometimes until there's a reduction of it. Coffee addict take about 200-300mg of caffeine daily and experts advised that it shouldn't be taken daily to avoid migraine in the process.

In conclusion coffee can help cure migraine since it has good amount of caffeine but the clause is that it should be taken n moderation so that the body and brain can absorb  it better for success.
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Well! It's not a proven method but some people would prefer caffeine as a cure for a hangover. There are other good methods you can follow while a migraine attack:

  1. Whenever Migraines attack, put an ice bag on your forehead. It will help to low the blood pressure.
  2. Sleep tight. Get a peaceful sleep in a quiet and dark place. Bright light and loud noises can make your headache worse. So find a place where you can get a soundless sleep when you have got a migraine.
  3. Do regular exercise as prevention of migraines but don't try any exercise during the migraine attack. It can make you hurt more.
  4. Take an IV Infusion to reduce migraines. Read this blog to know about more details: IV Infusion therapy for migraines.
  5. You might need minerals like magnesium found in dark-green vegetables, whole grains, and nuts. Eat these foods regularly.

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