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By having a knowledge in apply SEO on your blogs, this will be a great help for your blog to be found in search engine. You also need to share this actively on your social networks.
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You have to promote your blog site in order for people to see it, especially on social media.

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The website helps you put your content in a new place. This website improves the SEO in several ways and helps you connect with others. Their tools are made to get the most of your content while ranking in search engines. This site help promote your business by creating and maintaining social media presence that in turn help improve your online presence.
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Linkcolider is a traffic exchange and social exchange sites. You can use this site to generate traffic as well as increase followers on your social media accounts. I have used this site and based on my experience I can say that the site does not help you in terms of SEO. The traffic generated is just a number, your google analytic will not even record the traffic from linkcolider.
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If you want people to find the content that you write there are several ways to advertise your site:

  1. Create an FB page or group in your niche.
  2. go to different forums in your niche and post on there. You can reference your site in your signature.
  3. Advertise on Craig's List.
  4. Join FB groups and let people know about your content.
  5. Keywords are what search engines look for. If you want to get noticed you'll need a catchy title.
  6. Well written articles with small paragraphs will attract readers.
  7. Organize your content so people can easily find it.
  8. Use meta tags in your headings.
  9. Make sure to use tags for your work.
  10. Take advantage of all the social networks to let people know you've written something.
  11. Try to go to different blogs in your niche and comment on them. you can leave your blog HTTP on the site so they can come and visit your site. 
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SEO is one of the best strategies to increase your content visibility in the search engines. By applying SEO techniques like adding keywords, metatags, meta descriptions, building social signals, generating backlinks, improving user experience and user interface, reducing site speed, the chances of getting ranked higher in the search engine rank page increases. When your content or website is ranked higher in the search engine, your website/ web content will be found.
Internet marketing is another way to improve the visibility of your content. Internet marketing means you promote your website through search engines, social media,emails,forums and discussion boards. If you want to do free marketing to generate traffic to your content, facebook and twitter are the best platforms. Create a facebook page and twitter account for your website, build audience, and start promoting.
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By making content more discoverable, it will indeed be read and by extension used. By a larger audience and it will help more readers start a journey down the sale funnel.
So there are many ways to make content more discoverabled. Some if it are;

Organize by segments; To make content more discoverable and found, you have to think like tgevend user. Ask your self if I were a reader, how would I want to find information oon a site like mine?.how best will I want the information ggrouped. Many a times readers usually search for a specific answers and information aabout a particular thing.

By breaking contents down into contextual groups:you can equally simplify the information seeking process and boost the relevance. For instance, Uberflip usually do this type of job in their site.
Organize content by Topic: speaking of getting contents found and discoverability by organization.

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