I'm very big fan of IPL when I know it's 12th edition is coming in september a big smile is come on my face and I shouted loudly o really would you also crazy to see ipl.
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1.Player who are dreaming to play in indian national cricket team gets opportunity to express their talent.

2.New young talented players are found for indian squad.

3.Most entertaining league ever.

4.IPL is a reason why indian states are wellknown nowadays.

5.We can support the players that are Non-Indians but are favourites.
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The Indian premier league is linked with cricket, I am not a fan of cricket, but I am aware of the Indian premier league. Am African but I love football, and a fan of the English premier league. The Indian cricket is popular but I am not fan.
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1. its a very best platform for every cricketer .

2. he make our carrier in international cricket.

3. most very internment league.

4. short time league which are best to enjoy everyone .

5. like this Indian festival.

6. we are support non Indian player.   
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Yes  loves to watch Indian premier league because it is related to cricket and cricket is my favorite game I loves to see20-20match. In Ipl can is my favourite team
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