I had an idea that I wanted to post here earlier. Somehow when I opened this site, I lost the idea...

(hmm... let me see if I dropped it under the bed) 

Happy Monday!
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I sometimes feel the same way when being pre-occupied. The course of action is to have my small notebook and write things up. Then, if I have the time to write, then I can check it. If I am using my desktop, I just need to use the notepad and do the same principle.
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I sometimes do that too. The thing is, what happened recently is something quite funny. I had the idea, I hurried to get to my laptop to start writing. Between that, someone asked me something... *poof!* The idea was gone... That's why I posted this question instead. heheheh
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Yes I have it happens mostly when my brain is immediately engage to something else. So I have mastered the skill of storing such information so I won't forget. I will immediately stop what am doing and write down the idea on a piece of paper. 
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When I left college for a year, one of my goals was to find my calling. I had read blogs upon blogs, (and maybe a few pages of books before I started getting sleepy), and I eventually stumbled on a definition of purpose that seemed doable.
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No , I have never lost any idea when im about to write it because i write as soon as the idea comes in my mind . We should always save our  ideas somewhere .
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Oh yes! It can happen at any time. One way of avoiding this is to carry a small notebook and pen with you at all times. You can then jot down the idea as soon as it occurs to you and refer to it when you have more time to write it out properly.
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Always, and it's so frustating when I need an article to be finished as soon as possible. With a notepad, I trying to find any intersting ideas and didn't find it for hours and ended up with blank mind no idea at all about how to begin a writing.
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Yes it usually happens to me and I remain still and trying to remember what I was about to write. Sometimes it doesn't come back easily and takes time I engage in other activities and would remember it later. 
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