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To tell you the truth any workout can really work for you as long as you are serious and stick to the workout. I know the workouts from the 80s are funny and people are dressed a bit different than they are today. But if you take a look at the workout from then and compare them to know, you'll basically see that people now have added music and a few extra moves. 

All workouts are basically the same. You will always need to start with stretching to get your body limbered up. Then it goes from there:

  1. Stretching
  2. Warm-up - this could be a bit of jogging around or some sort of cardiovascular to get your heart rate up. This is very important and should be done at the beginning.
  3. More exercises will follow that will keep the heart rate up during the exercise period.
  4. You will work on your heart, stomach muscles, arms. legs, and butt area.
  5. There are some exercises that will target a certain area at a time and others that can target your entire body. This is up to you to decide what you want to work on or target.
  6. Once done you'll do some exercise for your muscles when finished. Otherwise, if you don't spend the time at the end of the exercise to stretch them back out, you'll be sorry. 
Over the years they have revised a few of the exercises that people do in a workout. But basically, they are the same with a small twist. I think this is to keep people interested and adding music and dance steps will keep your heart rate up. 
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answered by Patron (2,988 points) 3 11 21
Do workouts in the 80's really work my definite answer would be yes indeed. The bodies are still the same, back then people worked to be fit and flexible, they worked out to loose weight, they also did that to gain a good figire and albs. They also wanted to acquire flat stomachs, has that changed? Of course not. The only thing that has changed is the part where machines have been incoperated to help ease a lot of muscle strain. Before everything was done manually let me give some examples, crunches, leg lifts, running and jogging aroumd the estates and so on. Nowadays machines are being used like the treadmills, dumbells, tummy trimmers. You will fimd people are spending more time in the gyms for something that could easily be acquired at home. Its all the same thing nothing much has changed. So i can't really say that the workouts have changed they are all similar. They were much more easier to do than this days. A few things have been added to the workouts just to give it a little lift like music and aerobics. The essence of the whole thing was and is dedication. You do them religiously, you are sure to have a successful workout either way.
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Regardless of the year and regardless of the work out, if it make you sweat, then it is a good one. Even doing household chores could be a great workout. Me, it works best is dancing Zumba and Hiphop. I want hard and the one that I can really enjoy so that I can stay for an hour doing it. The required time for cardio workout is only for 30 minutes and you don't need to feel tired and dehydrated after. Just a few perspiration and heart rate could do that is why walking is advise to be done everyday. Simple walk can make you perspire easily. To answer the question, yes the 80's workout will make you perspire and if you do it as a habit then you can lose some body fats. We can also lose those annoying fats by sleeping early, not eating food with sugar and of course, exercise.
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answered by VISIONARY (9,009 points) 7 16 67
Yes,I think it does and it was effective too.No work out on its own is wrong or ever ineffective but people that did it might have been done it wrongly or not follow it through.

Traditional workout such as skipping rope,jumping, jogging, running, dancing etc are as effective as any modern ones if one is active and consistent with them.

A lot of people I know still did these and are seriously losing weight so I believed with new ones like OMAD,portion control,Pilate's etc it will give the same result if not better because of the intensity of those 80s kind of exercises.

 I'm.on weight loss journey, there are days I use those 80s workout to start my day and I feel light and better after the routine. Workout isn't about the exercises themselves but the seriousness of the person involved.

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