I cannot puzzle out why some people squander their many which are not needed in their lives. Is it because they do not know what to do with their money? I think it is better to donate it than overspending it. Does it make sense?


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People can als save some money, which we are taught as children. not sure. maybe some people come from poor families so, when they reach some bigger succes, they feel they can buy everything and to anyone. another example is that peopel are unhappy with their lives or are not good with money in general.
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I have a friend who came from a poor family. As for me, there is nothing for being in this kind of family. It means that they have the chance to be successful and earn enough money to support themselves. Unlikely for my friend who squanders his money to the last drop and maxed out his credit cards. Now, he has many debts.:(

i don't want to generalize but i also had seen it among my friends from primar school as well. sad, isn't it?:(

It is a sad thing that they fall with this kind of temptation. Sometimes they need to be guided. The sad part is they refused to be taught.
that is true. they will go their own ways, especially guys (don't get offended) and it will happen what was meant to be, for them. 
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People splurge on the things they don't need to showoff . They slurge their things to jealous others ,to degrade them or to make others feel down .
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Then, that's not a good practice to pass on to the next generation. These kinds of people can never be satisfied with their lives. They will continue to aspire to something that they cannot afford in the long run.
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Either way, your best shot at avoiding a splurge purchase is denying yourself the opportunity in the first place, or talking yourself out of it somehow. That might mean completely eschewing situations where you’ll be tempted – avoiding the mall, your favorite retail store, Amazon.com, or any other tempting spending venues like the plague. Or perhaps you could institute a set of rules that govern the purchases you make. Of course, that strategy only works if you follow those rules to begin with.
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I agree that a person needs to control himself. If he has the strong will to do it, then he will not be in a difficult situation. But then, many people are still not into changing their lifestyles. Even if they do not need to buy impractical things, they still do it.
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