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Constipation is obviously not good for you and I have suffered from it in the past. It makes you feel tired and sluggish as you are carrying around too much waste which will affect your physical well being. However not everyone has a bowel movement every day, for some it is perfectly normal to go every two days or more but most people like to go every day.

One thing I have learned is it's best to treat it by eating a high fibre diet rather than take laxatives. Your body can become dependent on laxatives and your bowel could become lazy so make sure you eat wholegrain cereals and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Also drink lots of fluids as this will help too.

If the problem persists and you are worried or feeling ill it might be an idea to see your doctor to see if he can suggest something. Complications arising from constipation are hemorrhoids, anal tears or fecal impaction but in most cases it can be dealt with quite easily at home and doesn't come to this. Good luck.
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Most of the times, constipation comes as a result of not drinking water after a period of time like one or two days. Also ,it can come as a result of eating food that doesn't contain fibre, like chips.

When these occurs, you can use home remedies like, drinking a lot of water, drinking coffee since it contains caffeine, take herbal laxative and finally taking fibre rich food especially the soluble and non fermented.
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Obviously, the less harmful remedy of constipation is simply the use of natural substances. Although there are slew of other remedies but the natural remedies are the best bet that won't have debilitating effects on your gastrointestinal tract (GIT). You can count of many home remedies that can be found in your kitchen, such as:

1) Ginger and mint; the active compounds in these two herbal substances make them the perfect remedy for constipation. The heat generated by these substances helps in the movement of bowel which would consequently help in the regular removal of stool.

2) Fiber; foods that are rich in fiber act as cleaner to digestive tract. They scrub and remove food particles deposited in the GIT. They bulk up the stool thereby aiding in the passing out of it from the bowel easily. Examples of foods packed with fiber are bran cereals, beans, lentils, oatmeal including vegetables and fruits. Try to drink a lot of water after taking your fiber rich foods.

Other natural remedies you can count on are;

Healthy fats

Lemon tea

Exercise; having an active lifestyle would definitely help a great deal as just a mere walk after each meal can help in bowel movement.
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I think all people experienced constipation at once in their life or there are really some people that this is their main health problem. If that happens to me, it means that the food that I am eating doesn't contain fiber. When I have it, I do not force any bowel movement to avoid bleeding. The food that I eat are those with high in fiber like oatmeal and I eat banana. However, the most effective is drinking tea. I have this tea called Bio Fit Tea that I drink every night. In the morning, this is the one that wakes me up because I feel the hurt in my stomach that I need to get up and go to the bathroom. Drinking tea is good , even green tea actually it is advisable to drink tea an hour before you sleep so that it helps to digest your food while you are awake.
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Though occasional constipation is common amongst people, there's also chronic constipation and both cases can be related to the bowel's infrequent movement or difficulty passing stool over a period of time.

In order to ascertain the remedies or treatment for constipation, it will be wise to understand the actual causes of constipation.
Constipation most commonly occurs when body waste or stool moves very slowly through the digestive tract and cannot be passed effective from the rectum, this usually causes the stool to become hard and dry. The most commonly associated reason for constipation as explained above will be bowel obstruction.

Bowel obstruction can occur due to internal health reason like colon and rectum blockages, hormonal unbalance related to body fluids, swollen veins around the anus, or even constant consumption of certain substances the leads to the said causes, etc.

Drawing from the above, one has to be certain on the actual cause of constipation before seeking any remedy. I'll recommend you visit your doctor to ascertain the actual cause of your constipation as self medication on constipation can lead to complications.
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Hi! We know that drinking lots of water will keep us from being constipated. Take foods rich in fibers as well but a doctor once told me not to overdo it coz too much fibers can also cause constipation. there is a lot of information we can get from the internet. But If u think u did everything but none of it is working, I suggest to go see a doctor. Just want to share my child's experience regarding this issue. My daughter is 2 yrs old, she gets constipated all the time since she was less than a yr old. I noticed that her belly was swelling and hard so I brought her to a gastro-pedia. her doctor told me to get an x-ray of her tummy and the result was shocking her tummy was full of poop! She was confined at the hospital for 2 days and had to undergo barium enema, before that she was given Enema fleet it's some sort of laxative for severe constipation which was inserted in her anus. then she was also given another oral medication. We were grateful because Hirschsprung disease was ruled out.
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The cause of constipation is not eating enough fiber or not drinking enough water. To prevent from experiencing this, you need to include in your diet the rich fiber foods like yogurt, banana, oatmeal and the like. You need to aim to drink water at least 2-3 liters a day. Now, if you have constipation already, you need to drink more water than usual, eat yogurt  and avoid eating meat at the moment. Eat rich fiber vegetables and fruits so you can loosen your stool. It might not work immediately but it will help. If you can't loose your stool using these home remedy , you need to visit your doctor so they can prescribed you a proper medicine to take. It may cost more than home remedy but it might worth it. Then, start your proper diet and avoid food causing it.
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Constipation is nothing but, less three bowel movements per week. It is common problem and can be caused by the medicines we take, The food we eat and also due to some lifestyle choices. But in many cases the underlying cause for chronic constipation is unknown. Here are the remedies to help relieve constipation: Click here

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