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Common symptoms, include: frequent urination at night, fatigue and sudden weight loss. But there are people who experiences the symptoms for their complication like numbness of extremities, blindness/ blurring of vision etc.

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Increased thirst and frequent urination.Excess sugar building up in your bloodstream causes fluid to be pulled from the system.This makes you thirst and you urinate a lot.

Weight loss.Due to no way of metabolising glucose, the body uses the excess fat stored in the muscles.More calories are lost since glucose is lost through the urine.

Fatigue- you become tired and irritated

Increased hunger,slow healing wounds and finally blurred vision.
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There are lots of symptoms to share when you have Type 2 Diabetes. First, you are always thirsty. Second, you are perspiring a lot. Even if you move a little, there are buckets of perspiration already in your face. You observed you are peeing a lot, even if you are not drinking water a lot. You start to feel numbness on your feet and hands. This is because there is no free flowing in your veins for your blood to flow or your blood is thicken. Some have yeast infections. Some have wounds and they keep fresh, mainly because our blood has the role in fixing a skin damage, cuts or wounds, but since it gets thicken, it fails to do what it needs to do. Because of all the symptoms, you feel irritable. Everything is giving you discomfort that even leads to depression.

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