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What do you mean by said exercise? There are ways to reduce fatigue:

  1. Eat smaller meals during the say, break the food up into small portions and eat often during the day. Avoid sitting down and eating large meals. 
  2. Get a good nights sleep.
  3. Try to reduce the amount of caffeine that you drink each day. 
  4. Get up and move around. Don't continue to sit there when fatigue hits you. 
  5. Weight loss is a great cure for fatigue, if you lose weight it will give you a lot more energy. 
  6. Drink less alcohol. This will really help to reduce fatigue.
  7. Talking therapy also helps to reduce fatigue. 
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Not all fatigue is caused by lack of exercise. Some may be illness, lack of proper diet or just day to day behaviors. But whichever way if you feel fatigue more often please seek the doctor's advice.  Meanwhile you can try to reduce the number of hours you sit idle. Always eat enough meal but don't overeat, try to sleep at least eight hours a day. Don't overwork so much normal work should be eight to ten hours a day
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Lack of exercise leads to tiredness and the only way to beat this is by exercising.Lack of exercise makes you feel sluggish and less inclined to exercise.The more you exercise the more energetic you'll feel.

(Biology behind) the more you exercise, the more mitochondria your body secrets, allowing you to increase the rate at which you burn your food and obtain energy hence your become energetic.

Doing low intensity exercises is good, not the hard exercises that will drain off your energy.Yoga,squrts and walking are among the few exercises one can do..
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Something related to this assertion has been in the public domain for some time now. I think it is something that is simply not applicable to everyone, presumably, due to hormonal differences. Hormones play important role in the body functioning especially the rate of recovery of strained muscles. And from biological perspective, these hormones could either be quick or slow to secretion after each exercises done depending on the individual's body.

However, personally, after my workout session, I find it quite difficult to repeat the same exercise the next day. And if the exercise is repeated the next day, I will become too fatigue that recovery rate of my muscles become impossible within short time, and it could lead to sickness.

Conclusively, this reduction of fatigue induced by repeated exercises work specifically for particular set of people. It would be out of place to generalize the practice, because doing so might leave some in harm's way.
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I believe you are talking about fatigue from doing a certain routine of exercise especially when you are trying it for the first time and it is the first time the target muscles are strained. Repeating the same routine to ease fatigue depends on individual body types.

While some say that it has to do with hormones secretion differences, I personally feel like your perseverance, ability to withstand plays a role too. Personally, my fatigue only lessens when I continue to repeat the same routine consistently. If I give it a rest and then come back, my muscles tend to strain all over again like it was fresh.

I think you should know your body type and determine what works best for your strained muscles. What works for others might be terrible for you .
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You didn't mention the said exercise but I think repeating exercises daily can actually reduce fatigue.what leads to fatigue of course is tiredness and this the act of the body feeling weak so to make the body up and running then there should be some alertness which comes from exercising. Exercises is like fueling the power with power or energy to keep it working at optimal rate, so to keep the body working in a top shape or form as we want then we must do the needful to aid it's capability.
Simple exercises like skipping, brisk walking, swimming, jumping, jogging, running and other forms of cardiovascular exercises done about 20-40 minutes daily can help shake off any fatigue the body might be experiencing from time to time.
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The said exercise is wt I'm trying to get. I guess what you mean is designated exercise for fatigue. Though, I don't doubt it but exercise won't be too good for fatigue. The actually relief for fatigue that I know is or are not related to exercise.  The actual relieves to fatigue that I know are;
Massage:  it involve the use of hand on different parts or joints of the body to relief the muscles and nerves.

Drinking enough water: water helps to detoxify the body and reduce a lot of nutrients that will be hanging in some organns.

Relaxing and sleeping: the process of sleeping cool down many system organs of the body from tension which causes the fatigue.

Avoidance of harsh or temperate environment: since fatigue is associated with unease. It is better to be in a more conducive environment when tired.

Bathing with a little warm water: warm water on the body when one is fatigue helps to relax the body muscles and promote fluent flood circulation.
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This question is kinda of confusing but I will want to answer the question on the assumption that probably you had an exercise for the first time and you felt very tired and you are asking if the tiredness will be reduced if you repeat it.  If my assumption is correct.
The repeat of the exercise will definitely reduce the fatigue because your body gradually adjust to the system.  For if you have not run a 200 metres race for 2 years and you decided to embark on it,  definitely you will feel very tired for the first day because your system finds it strange so the system will be weak towards it which cause fatigue but subsequently the tiredness will reduce because the system will adjust it self to suit the task before it.  I hope i make impact to your question.
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Doing the same exercises routinely reduces fatigue as the muscles get used to the workout rather than doing it one day and stopping. The pain and fatigue comes due to the accumulation of the lactic acid in the muscles. 
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We need to take a rest after doing exercises. Our muscles need to have time off before increasing the repetitions of particular exercises.
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