As to you who is a friend and you enemy 
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 The definition of friend is someone who is on your side. An example of a friend is an ally in a protest. Friend is defined as a person that you are fond of, with whom you talk or spend time. An example of a friend is the person you have known a long time and trust.
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Having a real friend is the best gift that you can have in your life. At present, it is difficult to find one or two. A real friend will always be there through thick and thin. He or she will fight to the death for you. There are times that he or she will like your siblings in real life.
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A friend is one that helps and assist your progress in life, a friend is there in times of trouble and in times of good times. A friend knows your weak point and your strengths, a friend is one that jokes and gives you accolade when you do something good.
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Yea, a friend is someone helps and supports you when in need.
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A person who is better relief for you, a friend is someone who understands you, and if they don't they try to.. A friend is somebody who is there for you when they can be, but also sets boundaries when they need to. many things make someone a good friend, and the definition of what makes a true friendship differs from person to person.
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We can say that a real friend is that who always help you and stand with you every condition like happy and problems. We can find our real when I have problems. That time you can find.

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To my understanding a friend is someone who is very close to you that knows virtually somany things if not all about you, while your enemy is someone who does not like you and does not value you and does not know anything about you.
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A friend is that person or anything that is by your side always, helps you when you are in need, contribute to your success, make you are happy and at peace.
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A friend is a known or unknown person who needs your help when in trouble,or any person who can help you when in trouble.he can relatively, neighbor or anybody.
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A friend to me is so wide. I can say that a friend is someone I can share fun stuff and moments, some are the ones who helped me and I look forward to benefit them as well, others are the ones I care of because I can see them as a good person and so much more.
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