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Type 2 diabetes is one of the top 10 leading cause of death in the US. While Diabetes may run in the family, lifestyle factors still plays a big role in developing type 2 diabetes. Obesity is a major factor as a result from unhealthy eating habits. Plus inactive physical activities. 
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This is type of diabetes occurs in somebody life when they are adults. Unlike the type1 diabetes, type2 diabetes sufferers were not born with it. Lifestyle is main cause of this type of diabetes, such as excessive alcohol consumption, use of tobacco, lack of physical activities etc.

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Type 2 diabetes also called diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that affects how the body processes sugar.

Can easily be managed by doing regular exercises and maintaining a healthy body.If exercises don't work then its good to go for insulin therapy.

Some of type 2 diabetes include, fatigue, weight loss among others.
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Diabetes is a never ending disease that takes place when the pancreas does not produce adequate insulin or when the body does not effectively use insulin. Ordinary diabetes is characterized by blood sugar levels above normal. Type 2 diabetes is the diabetes caused when the body is not able to use insulin owing to lack of insulin related to blood sugar levels.
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Type 2 Diabetes is a life long disease. Normally, our pancreas creates a hormone called Insulin. It is the one that gets glucose from the food that you eat. When a person has Type 2 diabetes, they make Insulin but the insulin is not doing its job. Because of that, the glucose just goes into our blood. Doctors called it Insulin Resistance. Most of the obese people or over weight has Type 2 Diabetes. Even with young adult that are obese could have Type 2 diabetes. People who are not aware and have poor lifestyle could lead themselves in danger. Once you are over weight, you can get Type 2 Diabetes and sometimes it is in our genes. If you will still not aware, Diabetes will not kill you but complications. You can catch a illness because your body get weaken when you have Diabetes.

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