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answered by VISIONARY (9,071 points) 5 21 51
Truthfully, I have no idea how you want to accomplish this without dieting or exercise. The only way to actually lose weight or shrink down the mass in your thighs is through some sort of exercise. Even if it is walking, riding a bike, or doing leg exercises at home. But you can't use exercise alone to lose the fat in your thighs, you need to diet too so that it reduces the fat in your muscles so the exercise will help to tone them up so you can lose weight in this area. 
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Really I got confused by the question. because one can't reduce thigh fat without the exercise and diet.

• you can choose dancing and cycling which is not considered as  exercise, you can also choose swimming, these are best physical activity things that are good for doing this we don't feel that as exercise and strain.

• next, you have to drink lots of water, this is not considered as a diet, start your day with a glass of water.

Hope this helps you.
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answered by LEGEND (6,404 points) 6 13 36
Yes, it is very possible. First and foremost, drink a lot of water, six to eight glasses per day are recommendable since water contains zero calories. Water is good for cleansing and also good for muscles. Avoid drinks like sodas and juices.

Eat several times a day like five times but only small meals to avoid cravings and cut down of snacks thus reducing the urge to eat unhealthy snacks.

Eat a very balanced diet including fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and proteins. Also, avoid eating food because you're hungry, you can keep the food for later.
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answered by Patron (2,988 points) 3 11 21
Wow can i say you are being very ambitios with this question? If it was way back in the day, people would have probably told you are crazy to even think that you can accomplish this without exercising or dieting for sure. But yes there are ways that you can achieve loosing fat without doing exercises and dieting. sometimes i must say techology has helped quite a number of people in the world. If not for technology, some things would not be achievable at all. I was watching a documentary that was talking about a procedure that can be done to loose fats in different parts of the body. it doesn't requre any surgeries, all you need is lie down and have your body smeared up with some special mud all over then they wrap you up with some special cloth completely for some time, from what i saw it looked painful. this is supposed to be done rpeatedly for a while to achieve the required size. i cannot remember what the procedure is called. That's one way that i know is effective.

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