How can i make a fb friend to my girl friend
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Just send her a few lines about something that reminded you of her, or direct her to a link you think she'd like. You can be a little flirtatious, but don't overwhelm the girl. Wait for her to respond. If she asks you questions, then she wants to keep the messaging thing going.
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In my own opinion, it is better for your girlfriend to add friends who are acquainted with her on Facebook. There are bad people lurking on this site. Perhaps she can ask her friends offline and add them up. She can add your common friends, too.
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You first need to know if your girlfriend is on Facebook, if yes you send her a friend request. Good thing about Facebook is that you can send a private message to someone without first being friends, but she has to know it is you because she will be curious. 
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its very difficult to make anyone girl friend specially from social media, if you really want to make girl friend firstly you should first good friend with her, need to meet personally become best friends later you can make girl friend with you good thoughts. i am sure she will become your girlfriend.
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