Can human fly by using an equipment
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It is currently impossible for any human to fly with wings, as we are too heavy, and we lack the muscles necessary for flight. ... Most of us today will probably not see the day where humans would fly. But Science is advancing every year, so it may be possible for humans to achieve flight.
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No it is impossible for human to fly because humans have more weight and they don't have wings and they dont have bird like shape.

 but human has invented airplane to travel so they can fly vice versa. but in ramayana only hanuman can fly. 
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In real life, humans cannot fly. They need special equipment and engine to fly. However, it will not last long. At present, they can use drones to attach on human's body. Of course, they need to be careful in doing it.
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What enables flying is wings that is the reason birds and plane can fly. Since humans don't have wings they can't fly but they develop something that can help them fly inside which is an airplane. Nature has made made to walk, and run but with intelligence made has made objects to drive and fly.  
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Anything is not impossible for human. I think in future the human will be able to fly. In the present human use airplanes, rockets etc for flying .
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We don't have wings but we've created planes, helicopters, skydiver wings so I mean I guess we are on that level where humans now can fly maybe not like the cartoons but it's fun to imagine we could.
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Humans can only walk and run. They cannot fly since they do not have wings to fly like the birds. 

However, human beings have made vessels that enable them travel in space such as the rockets and the aeroplanes as a means for transport to other places in the world. They have also made parachutes to imitate the wings and sky dive coming downwards. 
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Try it bro  hahahaha no I am joking 

First if we can fly you would see people in air right now

If god want us to fly he would not create birds or Other flying animals

A lot of researchers Tried to fly using machines and they fail
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