When I die I want to be cremated as I think it's much cleaner. Many people would rather be buried with the bodies of their loved ones who have also passed on. Which would you prefer?
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Where we are from, we only recognize burial as a way of funeral rites. Cremation is totally out of it for us. 

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Doesn't matter much anyway!!

 I'll not be there to see or feel anything. It would be only my mortal remains. My family has to decide on which one is convenient for them. Whatever decision they take, that would be just fine. However, if not wished otherwise, it would be a cremation as people here seldom go against the conventional rituals.
As far as, environmental factor is concerned, I guess, burying is more Eco friendly than cremation. Any living being is made up of carbon particles, and cremation releases a lot of carbon-di-oxide to the atmosphere. This increases the level of pollution. In electric crematorium, though, the smoke is not visible, but carbon is released there as well.
Nonetheless, people have different faiths and beliefs.  Types of funerals are mostly selected accordingly.
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The good thing with cremation is that its quick and not that expensive compared to the whole process of burial.

On the other hand, burial is good when it comes to memories. You'll always remember and see where your beloved was buried.

According to me I'll suggest burial is the best although these all depends with what someone wrote in their will.
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In my family, we don't believe in putting a body in the ground and covering it up with dirt. When you die your spirit doesn't need to be sealed in some box in the ground, it needs to be free. The only way to give you freedom after death is to be cremated.

I've attended only a handful of funerals in my life. It was very strange to see how a box with your remains is lowered into some dark hole in the ground and people walk by and throw a handful of dirt on you. After watching this it only made me want to be cremated even more. I don't want to be put n a dark hole in the ground and dirt thrown on top of me.

Some people think this is good because they can go and visit the grave site. But in the end, nobody ever goes back and the person is just there all alone. I will never allow anyone to put me in the ground, I want to be cremated. 
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It more heart breaking to see a loved one been burned again after death. Gosh! I can't stand that it feels as if we are killing the person the second time and it even more excruciating this time.

I have been asked this several times and I still resist such even if it looks clean as you just described it but I will still prefer the traditional way of burying the body that way. It will ease the pains for me and maybe for others that can't stand the second dead Lol.

I have never experienced cremation physically but in movies and it looks so real, and  mere thinking about it gives me goosebumps, wouldn't want to experience it either
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I don't like the thought of being eaten by worms in the cold dark ground even though I know the person is not there any more. I always felt cremation was cleaner and both my parents were cremated. I wouldn't like to witness the actual burning though!
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For me it's burial. According to the customs and traditions from my place we go with burying the bodies of our loved ones. Cremation is not allowed and cannot be spoken of. 
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