What is the meaning of shadow what does shadow mean
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A dark image projected onto a surface where light is blocked by the shade of an object.. Relative darkness, especially as caused by the interruption of light; gloom, obscurity.. A reflected image, as in a mirror or in water.. shadow pronunciation.
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The meaning of a shadow, is an image of yourself, or an object that creates by a light to produce a vivid image of a mirror effect of yourself or an object.
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When we kept anything between the light and surface of the earth then a dark light black image is created on the surface of the earth it is called shadow.
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It is a dark shape that can be produced of the body or objects between the rays of light and the surface. There are two types of shadow: 'umbra' (deep and total shadow) and 'penumbra' (partial shadow).
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When an object comes in the path of light, then there is a darkness in the path of light, it is called a shadow. The size of shadow is depend on object size. 
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