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I was reading an article which said that lying is a human trait and all of us without exception lie at some time or other. It says that anyone who says they never lie is actually lying.  Can you say that you never lie? I know I can't.
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The issue of lying is one that is connected to morality. I don't think it has anything to do with one being human or not. Because as humans, we've must have told a lie at some point of our lives. This is mainly attributed to we being a flawed humans. Some tell different lies but at the end a lie is lie regardless of white or black lie. I believe there would come a time in our lives where we would embrace the moral side of life by then we would desist from telling lies, but until then we are all liars.
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As a human I think everyone is prone of making mistakes and while doing , they might think of ways to lie just to hide it. There are human's like that. We are not perfect so it is a characteristic of being human.
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We all are human and we capable of doing something what is not right and what is wrong.

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There are times that people actually lie to save a person from being hurt. If you told them the truth of what really happened or what a person really said this could do some real damage to this person. I know it is horrible to lie and to not be honest with yourself or others. But at times I don't see a way around it.

I do know when my youngest brother was so sick and at this time we weren't sure if he would make it or not, I had to lie to him about our grandmother who just died. It was not easy to sit there and lie to him about this or keep it from him. The doctors told me at this time if he was to find out in his state right now it would more than likely kill him. I had to make a hard choice to tell him that she died or to keep it from him and tell her she was fine. I made the choice to tell him she was fine. He did recover and was released from the hospital, but he never forgave me for telling him she was fine. Even though you try and explain the reason behind the lie, it is never forgiven.

Everyone has done this in their life and I don't think there is anyone alive who has never told a lie. There are just some people better at telling a lie than others. It is harder for some to lie and in my case, I still regret not telling him the truth today, but the doctors wouldn't allow me to do this. 
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That's true and we're all prone to lies.

What I don't understand, what can we say about these religious people like pope,cardinals and fathers.We cannot judge them but I really don't think they can lie because these are the people who give us those biblical teachings that lying is a sin.

For the rest of us, lying has formed better part of us but its good to avoid lying most of the times.
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I do not think that there's any man born of a  woman who hasn't told a lie before. No matter how religious the person is. Even if they were bathed in holy water. 

Telling a lie or not is not even based on or restricted to religion. It has more to do with personal principles and doing what is right. Now sometimes, funny as it may seem, you have to tell a lie to do the right thing or be right by others. 

This makes me think that some people who tell a lie can do it to protect you while others can do it to hurt you. Now it is safe to say that I've lied before. 
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