How do you treat your best friend
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Here's How to Be a Good Friend:

Check in on them. When you feel like something is wrong, make sure they're okay.

Know the appropriate mood.

Always put in your best efforts.

Don't give up.

Make them feel wanted.

Tell them you're there. 

Understand and respect boundaries.

Be honest and constructive.
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I treat my friend like a family member, but better because they are not related so you can talk to them about anything different or usual about your family, or if you are having problems with them. To treat your friend like a bro, and be happy with your homie.
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i think this is the definiton of a true friendship. well said!
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I treat my best friend like my sister. I share with her / him everything i want. I give him / her my trust. That is the way i treat my best friend. I treat like my family. 
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I treat my best friend as my own family member. At present, the only best friend that I considered is God and my immediate family. It means that they are my support system. They cannot put me in vain. My real best friend is in heaven now. He died at the age of 13.
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You treat your best friend with love, respect and kindness. Friends are to be respected with a combination of honesty, your friend should know your weakness and strengths, you should help your friend in times of trouble, through giving a honest advice or physical help. 
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You described it well for having real friends in life. I do think that we can treat them as our own family members.

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