I searched for the term answeree but couldn't find an exact meaning. What's the meaning of Answeree?
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It's actually a play on words. For example, you have "testers" and "testees". Both basically mean the same thing. So, by that logic, you also have "answerer" and "answeree". Unfortunately, answerer doesn't have the same, catchy ring. So Answeree it is.

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If you search on google or somewhere else then you may find that answeree is a meaningless word. You may even get some other suggestions too like answered, answerer etc. I had seen many people using the word answeree taking into the meaning as one who responds.

If you are asking about the name of this website Answeree.com then I would like to say that we are in the making of this word 'Answeree' a meaningful word through our community!

I think that helps.
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Yes. I have same answer in my mind. Anyway thanks for your answer.

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