What is trouble and trouble is a bad thing ever
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to disturb the mental calm and contentment of; worry; distress; agitate. Trouble is a worst thing ever because it can lead to unexpected thing
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Trouble means problems and issues. And they are bad because they cause something in your life to change for worst case scenario. That is why we call it trouble. And that kind of changes things. 
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If you have a difficult situation, then you are in trouble. Sometimes we need to know what makes us in trouble. Knowing what is right or wrong will guide you not to be caught in the middle to trouble situations. However, some people have troubled souls because they are not making things right.
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Trouble can get you into a very complex problem that can ruin your life, or state of being. It can make you go to jail, get into a fight, loose friends, loose anything that you have caused to make a bad mistake, or on purpose.
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Trouble means when our any work is incomplete or get stopped in the middle due to any reason it is called trouble. In one word we can say that trouble means retardation.
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It depends on the type of trouble we find ourselves, some troubles are self inflicted which means we made way for such trouble through our habits and disobedience. The second type of trouble is transferred trouble which means we happen to find ourselves hooked not that we are directly responsible for the trouble, but the whole essence is that we should learn from out troubles and become a better person. 
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Trouble is a kind of trouble .It hurts you physically and mentally. There are many ways for it to come, but none to go. You have to struggle to win
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