During the time my late father died, my family and I had prayed together and asked for God's guidance. It was a memorable incident that we gathered together and prayed for my late father's soul.

Did you have the best moment with God?


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At most tough moments I have wondered how I came out of it, and the only conviction I get is that God is with me. There have been several of such occasions, and in the case of family we went through prayers combine with a great deal of believe and faith. I always feel loved each I come out of difficult situations. 
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In every family, it is ideal to put God in the middle of their relationships. It is not easy to keep them all together, but they can do it some other time.
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The family has very powerful effects on the developing child, impacting attitudes, beliefs, opportunities, habits, and personality traits. ... For a child with talent, the influence of the family can be the determining factor as to whether the ability is developed to a high level or not.
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Everything starts in the family. Once a child did something bad, it reflects how he or she was being raised by his or her parents. I am sure most parents want to make God in the center of their family.
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When I became sick God spoke to me in a voice, and stood by my side, and I felt him comfort me. God is always a listener, and a helper, and he sees everything, Good, or Bad.
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We may not see Him, but we can feel Him. That's the most important thing. We need to be a believer and the miracles will happen surprisingly.
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I can't explain about the family member. But the lockdown and the pandemic I feel like I am being watched and being guided on what to and not to do. And this has made my survival easier. Otherwise god knows what I could think and get stressed and fear could kill me instead of the virus. 
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I am sure God has plans for each of us. We do not need to question whatever faith will happen in our lives. As a believer, I always think that God is at my side.
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