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I use mobile phone, tablet and a desktop to log on to answeree. What devices do you use? How often do you visit on Answeree.Com? On pc browser I may write the name answeree on browser, but on mobile phone I have a shortcut link on my home screen. How do you get onto answeree? 
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Earlier I was accessing on my laptop but soon I started to post with my smartphone and it's more convenient.
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I use my Android device more often because it's mobile. You can literally finding me answering questions when am out, taking a break at work or even taking a dungeon. Lol# 
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I actually make use of both depending on the device I am working with at time moment. But often times, I make use of phone since I can still make posts even when i am on the road.
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I access answeree on my desktop computer only. It is because, I find it easy.
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I usually access answeree through mobile because it's handy and you can open it anytime and anywhere, and as for me it's way more convenient..
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For now my laptop cannot be use. I can't open it. It is good to know Answeree can b easily use and access using my smartphone
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Recently, I answered a question here with my mobile. But it was a little bit tough.

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I always use my smartphone and personal computer for Answeree. The PC is much more comfortable when I'm at home with its wider screen and room for everything. Whereas, my smartphone is always portable when I'm out and I don't have access to the PC. I like it here and I want to be here much longer. 

I wish they'd be more members in no time. 
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I always prefer to access answeree from mobile.

Because it is very handy , comfortable to use when I'm outside.Answeree have very good interface to access from mobile .It is very easy to use from mobile unlike other sites .I can say it mobile user friendly website.Very rarely I will access from laptop when I'm at home.Its one of my favourite website ,I have bookmarked in browser.

Im feeling happy to work on this website.
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Most of my online jobs I do them via phone since its portable and I can work anywhere.About logging in into this site is like every time that I am free.Despite of the token I really enjoy being here since am learning something beneficial almost everyday.Especially these questions related to health, they're in deed very beneficial.

Its more like bring on quora where you get to learn something everyday. It doesn't have to be payment that keeps us here.
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I go for desktop every time although I know that most people like to use their smartphones because they can then access their sites on the move. I like the space and ease of navigating a site when I use my pc.

When I am not in front of my computer it means I am doing other things so it gives me a break. I think having a break from the online world, getting about and doing other things is really important although I'm probably in the minority in my thinking,
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I always use my phone to log into answeree its the most efficient way for me. With my phone, I can use it anywhere without feeling burdened or bothered weight wise. The phone is easier to carry and manage wherever and whenever. I do have a laptop but because of security purposes I would rather leave it at home and use my phone.

The laptop is good to use and more comfortable given that you will sit on a comfortable chair, good position and it's much faster to type. Again it's not easy to make mistakes when it comes to typos as opposed to the phone. Things have been made easier and faster when you use the phone making it more reliable to use every day. My phone is just the best I am able to do more than 3 tasks at the same time without it going off on me because we now have power banks that we use to charge our phones while on the go thank you to the brains behind that innovation. You don't have to keep dealing with power issues so long as the power bank is charged. Now you tell me who would want to walk around with a laptop bag all over the place carrying cables, so that just in case the charge on the laptop goes down we can plug into a power charging system so that we charge who needs those kinds of emergencies when things have been well sorted out for us.

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I use my desktop computer and the laptop to log on to to answer the questions asked by members. I use my tablet and mobile phone to see the development if any on the website.

This is because I find the desktop and the laptop easy to work on any website since it involves posting of content. Similarly, I find the tablet and the mobile phone easy to browse.
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answered by LEGEND (6,465 points) 2 5 18
I'm using my phone to post on answeree and I have no stress posting with it at all.I like the fact that answeree is mobile friendly which means that one can post on it on the go unlike some sites that using mobile with it is just complicated.

With my phone I can easily see a misspell word since my auto correct is really responsive and correction will be fast.The phone is much more portable than a laptop so holding it to type 600 characters per time on answeree isn't an issue.Sometimes I stand to type when I'm tired of sitting almost all day and this can  only be conveniently done with a phone.

I can check my notifications from answeree easily with my phone and answer or replied them almost immediately because my phone is always with me.
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answered by LEGEND (5,687 points) 2 10 28
I use my laptop whenever I am in the site. I can use my cellphone or mobile, the problem is when I am posting on an answer and I cannot say that I already made 600 characters or more than that, because it is not reflecting on my mobile screen. Or maybe sometimes, when the internet is fast, it could reflect on my mobile but I need to scroll below left to see how many characters I made so far. It was very uncomfortable for me since I am visiting the site for less than 30 minutes. Because of that, i will only use laptop and I see to it that I follow the rules when I am making answer. It is more comfortable when I am using a laptop because I can click on a new tab for a topic that I love to put on my thoughts. I make sure still, i follow the rules before anything else.
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I work on answeree with both my laptop and phone.I prefer using my laptop though because of the installed app Grammarly for spell checking and other errors and  corrections. But it seem I will using my phone frequently now because of my laptop is a bit faulty at the moment.

I think answeree is all devices friendly site since almost all devices can be accommodated. I have used different devices here and access was in a jiffy. There was no hassle at all. To login and it a good one by the site.

The problem is on the browsers the editor can't be used with other browsers like UC mini and opera mini browsers especially on phones well this is what I have noticed with my own phone.I hope site admins can look into this and see how that can be will be helpful.
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Which editor is having the problem with UC mini and Opera mini? The answer editor or the reply/question editor?
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Personally, answering questions and reading responses here on Answeree has always been a good way to pass the time. Ever since I became a member (September 4, 2018), I never failed to log-on everyday. Hence, I already earned the devoted badge. When accessing this website, I normally use my phone since it is more convenient to do so. However, whenever available, I would always love to use a PC or a laptop since it allows me to open multiple tabs, and access them easily. For instance, there are questions that I would like to answer but would require me to do a bit of research. Doing this may be more tedious with smartphones because of limited space, display, and other features such as looking for key words, that a PC conveniently provides.

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