When you move to new city, you have no new friends and also no new people to spend time with. And that means what you do and what you choose not to do. This could lead to the depression and anxiety as you meet new people. And that means you end up with more mental stress. 

How do you handle the new loneliness and being alone feeling when you move to new city? 
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When you move to a new city, you usually can't take your friends with you. It's natural to feel depressed and lonely in a new city — shake it off by getting out of the house and connecting with others, even if you venture out alone. Browse Meetup.com for local groups and activities that fit your interests.
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We, humans can adapt to the new environment easily. That is how unique we are compared to the other mammals in this world. It is the same principle when adapting to sudden changes in weather. We tend to change our outfit to a particular season. It is normal to be depressed when moving to another city since we need to adjust and build new relationships with others, such as socializing, engage with social activities, etc.
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i think the best thing is to focus your mind on other things than this. 

if you study in a new town, focus on studies, maybe new hobbies and without forcing, maybe you can find some company. i remember, but that was when i was finishing my university, student groups started offering help to students who are not living in a capital city. i mean, in my case, too late.
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