When you move to new city, you have no new friends and also no new people to spend time with. And that means what you do and what you choose not to do. This could lead to the depression and anxiety as you meet new people. And that means you end up with more mental stress. 

How do you handle the new loneliness and being alone feeling when you move to new city? 
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When you move to a new city, you usually can't take your friends with you. It's natural to feel depressed and lonely in a new city — shake it off by getting out of the house and connecting with others, even if you venture out alone. Browse Meetup.com for local groups and activities that fit your interests.
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We, humans can adapt to the new environment easily. That is how unique we are compared to the other mammals in this world. It is the same principle when adapting to sudden changes in weather. We tend to change our outfit to a particular season. It is normal to be depressed when moving to another city since we need to adjust and build new relationships with others, such as socializing, engage with social activities, etc.
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It's OK to have some alone time in your new city, too! Take advantage of your new surroundings and explore what makes your city unique, like the local art or music scene. Whether you talk to anyone or not, just being surrounded by people and knowing that you can enjoy time to yourself can help you feel more at home.
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One thing about life is that people face change on a regular basis . With moving from one place to another , that is common and also at the same time not easy to get used to . It all starts in your mind , you need to tell and train your mind now that you are in a new , different environment than your comfort zone . Your mental state will lead you , if you are negative about the whole experience you wont find happiness ,you will always be bored and drained but if you are positioning about the whole change you will will figure out ways to make the most of the experience. 

One thing about moving into a new place is that you need to make sure that you do your research about the place first before even residing.  Finances also need to be in place because you will need to spend money on the new activities in the area and visit different areas . Making friends wont be easy but with social media it wont be that hard ,even though it's kind of dangerous in other cases because some people present fake accounts. Doing your background check on a person you find online will help a lot or else you will find yourself in trouble in a new place where nobody knows you either.  

Familiarize yourself with the internet, get to know more about the place and the people around , the cultural practices and religions  as well in order to fit in ,in a very short amount of time. Also pray for yourself because you never know what might happen ,because things happen in the spiritual world  ,things we cannot see .Protect your soul thought any practise that feels comfortable with you .
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Learn to enjoy your loneliness. Spend time with yourself. Make some good food and enjoy a new place. Watch people outside your home through your window or balcony or a garden. Enjoy and feel your surroundings. Take a walk in your area and try to know about your new place. Know about market where you can buy your fruits, vegetables and meat. Slowly and gradually you become use to the surroundings, markets and places. When ever you see your Neighbours say hi to them. Slowly and gradually they also recognizing you and started to know you and you becomes friends also.
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Moving to a new City means change of environment and friends. You need to be aware that you are going to meet new people with different personalities and hence the difference in approaching them . Be ready to learn new cultures and some languages too!
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There are various ways through which we can reduce lonliness in new city for example by interacting with local peoples and by making new friends or by listening trippy music
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You can stop feeling alone or lonely when you move to a new city by taking up a new job in that city, making new friends and visiting new places like the park, zoo etc.

You can also stop feeling lonely or alone when you move to a new city by engaging in exercise and doing things that will keep your mind busy, such as watching moving, making research and playing of video game.
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