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The best way to solve a problem in any kind of relationship is to communicate with each other, be it partners, family and friends. Why then is it too hard for people to communicate their problems and let it out? 

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I think they are not really into saving a relationship because communication is the key and that even makes them hard to initiate that, well that would be very difficult to solve the problem itself.

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Several things contribute to hard communication. Some of them include:

Poor communication skills - some people are very poor when it comes to expressing themselves. They lack words to say or rather cannot air out their views.The only solution to this is just understand them.

Anger - this is the main reason behind dispute.Its very hard to solve a dispute with someone whose short tampered because you'll end up arguing like forever without solving the issue.

Misunderstanding - at times people tend to misunderstand words especially when Solving issues.It creates another issue and the issues end up piling up.At the end of the day you've not come up with any solution.
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Some people just find it harder than others to talk about their emotions and I think in particular men. Men are often raised to believe that showing emotion is weak in some way which is ridiculous. We are all human and need to cry, talk and do whatever else it takes to release grief and tension.

I'm lucky in that I am able to talk about most things quite openly but I know that not everyone is the same. It's so bad to bottle up our feelings and so good to talk so it makes me sad when I hear of people being estranged from their families, unable to talk about a relationship problem or even worse contemplating suicide. Reaching out to others is definitely the way forward;  if only more people could see that.
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It might not always be the person's fault they can't communicate. If the partner, friend, or co-worker doesn't take the time to listen to what the person has to say it makes it difficult to communicate your feeling and let a person know what is wrong.

Another reason could be that the person is trying to communicate and when explaining something the other person talks at the same time. This makes it hard to get your point across and you just give up.

Other issues have to do with today's society and how everything is done in text messages or online. People lose the skill to communicate with others and relay on a phone or table to say what they want.

Take, for example, the last time I was in Japan I noticed something about everyone on the street or on the train. Nobody talked and if you talked everyone looked at you so strangely. The way they communicated with each other was through text messages. I know this has to do with the culture of the country and respect the peace of the person around you. they feel being quiet is respectful and nobody in public seems to talk there. This also is another example of why it is hard to communicate with others. It can be because of your culture and how you were raised. 

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