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I love being able to reach milestones so the badges we receive here make me more motivated to ask and answer questions. I think more sites should set up the same kind of system. How do you feel? Do you like them or do they make no difference?
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Sure, I will be very happy if I get it. But I am too far from that point. I am sure I will achieve it in a few months.
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Of course they do. And it seems they also carry points along side with them. On that basis apart from the milestone attainment, it already a source of motivation for anyone to do more.

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I've worked on other sites in the past that offered badges for the work we did. The badges basically didn't mean much on these sites. However, on this site, I've recently found out that the badges we earn on here can work in our favor and we might gain status on the site and be asked to work as a moderator or something else for a higher pay. If I didn't realize this, my answer would have been no. I do not get motivated by badges on a site. But considering the badge mean that we can advance in the site and maybe become a moderator this makes it nice and an incentive to do the best we can on this site. 
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I never knew there are incentives attached to the badges received on here because as you rightly stated it doesn't mean much on other sites.Then it good here since there's more to the badges obtained.
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I read this in the question form Answeree where people can ask questions to the site. I saw they stated that the badges do have meaning on the site and they use them as a rating system or something like this. I think it is a good idea. 
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The badges given by this website are in recognition of our contribution to this website. I feel proud and happy whenever the owner of this website informs me about the badge given to me. It indicates the level I have reached on this website and so I feel good and yes it motivates me to participate daily and share the information I have by answering the questions asked. 
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I love the badges I receive for my contributions. At first, I wasn't sure what they meant but I was still glad anyways because I knew it had to be good. 

It encourages me to do more here. It shows that you've reached a milestone and there's more ahead of you to try. I wish other sites would emulate this good practice.
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Yes the badges motivate one to continue answering the questions and to enjoy the site. It also encourages one to more to much higher ranks in the site. Everytime I get a badge I become happy to have them and also I am able to show my friends of how much I have achieved since I started using the site.

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