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Yes there must be solution to the issue.Payoneer is the best alternative and very convenient. Its available worldwide and charges very less fee.Most of the sites have this payment mode.

Also another payment processor is skrill.Its also opened worldwide and charges very less fees unlike all the payment processors.Also you can link it to local bank account and making it easy to withdraw.

Another one is bank wire transfer, this is the quickest method but it's employeed in few sites. We also have bitcoin, which is accepted worldwide and used in many sites.

In fact I'll suggest since you are in Nigeria you can use bitcoin.

Others like perfect money and web money aren't opened worldwide and I will not recommend them.
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So when it comes to payment processors online, PayPal is like the best but unfortunately, there's a  limit to which Nigerians can use it now. Nigerians can only send funds but cannot receive. 

After a little research, I came up with the best alternative which is payoneer. With payoneer, you can receive money and transfer to your local bank account. You can also request for a card which can be shipped to you and you can use it to withdraw from any ATM. 

Another option is If you have a friend in supported countries, you can use their PayPal and have them wire the money to you. 
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An alternative payment system other than Paypal is in consideration. Will let you know once it is added.

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