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I would use very pale green with a hint of cream all around the place. Green isn't my favorite color but it brings me closer to nature. I'm the type that has little pot plants by the window so I would prefer the cream color there while the green reflects in the background. 

Further more, I think the reflection of the sun looks beautiful against these colors. Would seem so peaceful and welcoming to anyone .
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Am so much in love with sky blue.All my beddings are sky blue and actually almost everything I own is sky blue.Blue symbolises peace and cool environment.

Other than blue, I think I'll go for purple or maybe pink.I like bright colours.The colours that I'll never take are red(they symbolise danger) and black (its related to satanic things).
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My favorite colour is blue but things changes when it comes to my bedroom. I prefer a mixture of red and white in my bedroom. I like a white sheet and a red blanket. A red dotted pillow will also add flavor. With all this I'll make my bedroom the best place to be and to rest. Your bedroom should be the most calm and attractive place to enter. This can be achieved by choosing best combination of colours to decorate your bedroom.
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I always wanted color sky blue, and painted some flowers in it. But since I have a partner who would disagree with it so maybe white is a safe colour to choose from. We are loving in a house where the landlord painted the whole house a color white. Nothing else just that and the cabinet in our kitchen is deep blue color. It's a boring color actually  that's why I would prefer vibrant but not over powering color for my bedroom. I would go into light and medium color and just fancy it with different furniture. A color grey, beige, light yellow and some hint of green. I wish I could paint our room right now but, this is not our own house and we cannot alter anything here. Maybe one day once we got our own house, I will paint it the way I like it.
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The color that one picks for the bedroom is something that we should always consider a lot when we are talking about getting to keep the room in top condition. No matter how we take a look at way, the color that we pick on how to decorate the room is always dependent on a whole lot of things and they are the fact that people will get attracted to the color that you pick when doing this. Now, back to the question, I enjoy making use of red and blue color with a touch of yellow.

The red color is definitely going to be what my floor carpet will have as we get to see that this is the first place that one get to look at when they are in your room. I love the blue color because the curtains will look a bit royal with it. I am looking at ways that I will blend the yellow color with some items in the room to make it perfect.
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My favorite colour has been sky blue right from time but when it comes to bed I will opt for light purple, dark purple and a touch of white,  it is left the interior decorator to ensures the colors blend excellently. The white color is definitely going to be in touch traces simce the pop ceiling is gonna be in white,  this is gonna be fantastic base on my imagination
The curtains could either be white or light purple with very lovely colours,  purple bed covers with different colour mixing crested on it will makes the room more attractive. The floor tiles can also have touch purple, then the bulb is going to be white one.
I love purple for bedroom because the bedroom to be refreshed whenever you check in the room and it very friendly.
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