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Is it best to buy pepper from a local store or online. Your opinion please! 
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It's not that cheap either to buy black pepper here, for 130 grams it cost $4

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The prize of this king of spices varies in my own country. Black pepper has gained prominence over the years because of its nutritional benefits it has on the body. For this very reason, it made it more available thus accessible to everyone who wants to buy it. Although over here in my country, most people can barely relate with it has peppercorn, but both the sellers and buyers commonly refer to it has black pepper.

You can get them at measurable quantities both grounded and ungrounded. The ungrounded are often in dried form which can be grounded into the grounded powdering form. They can be bought at cheap prizes as they are tied into smaller qualities.

In terms of where they can be bought, you can get them at local markets, as they are readily available in these places unlike online where you have to order for them, which would take longer time for them to be delivered.

I prefer buying then directly from the local market instead of ordering for them online. And  I also like to see how they look before buying them.
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Hi! In Brazil 1kg (almost 2.5 pounds) is around 30 reais (around 10 USD).

In Canada you can find little containers that allow you to freshly mow the seeds for as little as a dollar per 150-200 grams (like half a pound).

I prefer to buy pepper on stores, as I can check the quality and how old it is. Prefer the seeds, as they last much more than the powder itself. Plus they can mix whatever crap on the powder that will make the product less good. Prefer seeds and you will be good to go :)

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Where I live, black pepper is rather high and normally only comes in really small bottles. You can pay as much as $7 for this small bottle of black pepper. However, they sell white pepper here and this is what everyone uses on their food. We only pay $2.50 for a small can of white pepper. 

They also sell black peppercorns here for cooking certain sauces or using in a pepper grinder. The peppercorns come in small bags and sell for around $8. Many people buy these to make a black pepper sauce to serve over fish. it is delicious and it is worth paying for the peppercorns to make this sauce. 
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Black pepper is very cheap in my country. It is sold in open markets just about anywhere. The closer the proximity of the market to local farms, the cheaper It becomes. The price range depends on the quantity you want and how the trader measures them. They could go for as low as  20Naira  depending on the quantity like I said and that's very cheap. Candy money! 

I usually buy just about what I need because I can always get fresh ones anytime plus I live very close to the major market in my area. I don't have to worry about running out of it. I can get any type of pepper I want actually. Sometimes during the very dry season, the prices could go up a bit. 
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One thing I don't attempt to buy online are condiments because I will like to see them physically and have a feel of what I'm buying to ascertain that the  texture is just the way i like my ingredients or condiments to be.

So basically I wouldn't buy my black pepper online,I use black pepper a lot because I love it flavour, taste and coloring to my meals, if I buy it online it might not be the type I will really like since we have variations of it.

So it advisable to buy black pepper offline in any of the leading store to be sure of the freshness and to pick the variation you like and also to have it in your home in the appropriate time,no delay from courier.

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