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Yes you can make but you need to have some good convincing power to get referrals.I have seen some good affiliate programs  and people make good cash out of them .

Some free affiliate programs are sites like moola vine .Its 100% free of charge but then you can upgrade your account to $30 per month for some more added prevailinges.

Another affiliate program is linkcollider affiliate. In this, upgrading your account to is $54.99 and you can be guaranteed good income after every 60 days deposited to your PayPal account.
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Affiliate programs enable you to promote any product you wish. For promoting products through affiliate programs, you need not have to own the product. Also, no shipping or inventory is involved.

You have to send traffic to the affiliate website. When someone buys something, you get a commission. There are many products that can be promoted by you as an affiliate.
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There are many different types of programs offered to an affiliate marketer. Depending on your niche, what type of a website you own, and your social media status will play a major role in how much you can earn. Here are some great affiliate programs that you might want to look into. A few of them don't really need a website but it does help.

  1. Apple has an affiliate program that allows you to promote different songs, videos, eBook and other things on your social media accounts, websites, or even blogs. 
  2. BlueVoda is a website hosting company that has made people a lot of money sharing their hosting service. You should have a blog or website, but you really don't need one.
  3. VodaHost is yet another hosting service that you can promote to earn money as an affiliate.
  4. AliExpress has an affiliate program that is quite good.
There are so many companies out there that have an affiliate program that allows you to promote all types of things to earn money. I do believe Amazon is one of the biggest affiliate marketing programs out there. You just need to decide how you want to promote the products or services and start working on sharing your affiliate link. Each time a person buys or signs up for a service, you'll earn a commission.
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It is possible to make money as any affiliate but it takes quite a while and there are many things to learn especially if you are new. One of the most popular sites where affiliates can make money is .Clickbank has a lot of digital products and after you join, you will get access to the market place where you can your personal affiliate links for the products. You will get a commission every time a product is purchased through your affiliate link.

However for me personally one of the greatest challenges has been quality traffic and I would to think this is a sticking point for many affiliates. You have to drive good quality to these affiliate links in order to get conversions. The more targetted the traffic the better. Absence of good traffic really makes this an exercise in futility. 

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Yes you can make money as an affiliate for sure it's best way for beginners as well, I highly recommend you to take it seriously and take action as soon as you can so you can see the fruits of your work in Affiliate Marketing.

One Affiliate Program I've found legit and is promising is called Builderall and what has drawn me to them is their Affiliate Program, Tier 2 and how it provides you with Monthly Recurring Commissions and it's very easy to sell due to all the value they provide for a very cheap price compared to others. They provide video tutorials on how to do & use everything they provide ALSO video tutorials from the Marketing Director of Builderall himself showing you & telling you the power of Affiliate Marketing & how it's done ! He's not holding back and the registration is for FREE so sign up and learn to gain the information needed so you'll get a clear image about Affiliate Marketing & it's potential and if you'd like to join and start changing your life for the better like I & others have done.

Here's the 90 Day Strategic Plan to Achieve $2k where he the Marketing Director shows you everything by video for FREE as I mentioned above, hope I helped. I'm very grateful for Affiliate Marketing & this Platform's Affiliate Program, that's why I'm trying to share it as much as possible because I know how hard it is to suffer financially. Wish you the best !

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What I remember before was that I have this site that I don't remember the name anymore.  They are giving me a link to post on my social media. that link is an advertisement. If someone click on that link, I will earn points. The points is equivalent to certain amount and if I reach the minimum, I could cashout. There are lots of members cashout on that site. There are even a site that the link they provide is a video. You need to watch the whole video before you get points. Some have their blogging website and then they put an ads below or above their new blogs and they earn when someone click that ads. Affiliate marketing became popular before and it is proven to be one of the earning opportunity for freelancer. Yes, you can make money with affiliates.

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