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Click baits are things (such as ads) placed on the web for you to click (whether intentionally or by accident). You know those ads that remain in the middle of a page or that offer you something nice? Those are click baits.

They are used so those who have the ad on their site and the owner of the site make some money. The website's owner gets a few cents everytime someone clicks on it.

Even Google has that kind of program, called Adsense. You allow companies place ads on your website...they are click baits anyways.
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Click baits don't always ads. They can be links to an article, some amazing a person is offering you, or something that makes you think that clicking on that link is important. They almost make you feel if you fail to click on the link, you'll regret it and miss out on making a ton of money.

Have you ever seen the ads or banner they use to add to websites that say you are the 1000 visitor and you've just won $1000? Do you know how many people have fallen for this and clicked on the banner. This is a typical clickbait that will make something look so good that you just can resist clicking on it. 
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Click bait is an expression that refers to an attempt to encourage people to click on advertisements that direct visitors to a website or blog by utilizing catchy headlines or proud, rude, controversial and offensive images. This term tends to be negative because it usually does not reflect content.
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If you are always visiting the Youtube website you will notice that there are really videos that have a catchy or unique title on their video clip, a title that really takes up your attention, and when you are looking at it, it seems that it's really the real thing to the point that you will click the video and check it out, but unfortunately when you click it and as you go watch the video it is not really what the title is saying, the content is very different on what the title is telling you. Some viewers nowadays are really pro when it comes on knowing if the clip and the titles are real or not but for some, they tend to click the bait and what's more, they will wait until the end of the videos just to see the things they are expecting to see but there is none.
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Clickbait refers to a number of tactics used by content creators and online marketeers to lure in curious users. Of course, there's nothing wrong with wanting your article/video to be viewed by as many people as possible; if you don't promote yourself, then who will? But clickbait gets a bad reputation because it often relies on exaggeration, deception, fear-mongering, and other distasteful methods. A few examples of typical clickbait:

  1. Bombastic headlines that hype up a piece of information even though it's really not a big deal;
  2. Images featuring sexualized women that often have nothing to do with the content;
  3. Intentionally controversial and provocative titles that exaggerate the actual content's tone and message;
  4. Images with circles, arrows, and all sorts of random markings to make you curious.
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Click bait is when someone posts an article with a purposely misleading title, like "World's Most Talented Baby!", which is supposed to make you want to click to read more. However, once you click it, the article may just be about a five year old who is really good at singing. Interesting, but not exactly what the title was advertising.
Click bait articles are extremely annoying, as they make you believe that you're going to read something completely contrasting what is actually written on the page. Many creators and authors use this technique to get clicks and views on their Youtube Videos, articles, blogs, or website. Some newspapers do this as well - you can probably recall some headlines that exaggerated the events of the actual news story.

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