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Here you can ask anything related on Answeree or make any suggestions related to our community. Don't make separate questions on each and every instance on this community itself unless you find something special about your question or any external questions related to Answeree.

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I've seen some really bad choices on the answer that was selected for best answer on this site. I don't think it bothers me on here because you are not paid or you don't earn if your answer is selected as the best or not. I just think some people will overlook others because they haven't selected any of their answers as the best answer. I really think the site should be the one who selects this, but they leave it up to us and if we don't then they will. 
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I think the website should insert a word count/character count feature on the answer box.

Would make life so much easier.
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@sil I think that's a brilliant idea! It really would make things easier. :)

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Some of my friends were ready to join this site. But seeing the payout threshold as $30 they lost interest They say, let them make the payment threshold as $10, then we will join. 
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It might take a bit longer to earn the cash out on the site, but it isn't that hard if a person wants to be here. The site has increased the ways a person can earn on it now so this shouldn't be a factor for joining the site. I don't think this is that difficult and it should not be an issue. Like the site has said in the past this site wasn't designed as an earning site but more of an incentive to work on here. 

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