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I suppose if I'm honest I would like a little of both but if you could only have one which would you choose?
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This is an interesting question, i am sure many would want to have beauty as opposed to intelligence. When i look around me nowadays all i see is youth who want to use their looks in order to gain favor at the work place, in school etc. Everyone wants to have everything on a silver platter they do not want to work hard and get whatever it is they want. You can agree with me that beauty surgeries like botox and body enlargements are becoming more popular everywhere. No one wants to have sagging arms or breasts, we don't want to see a wrinkle on our bodies, we want to have long flowing hair, flawless skins and the like. You may want to take the time and just think about it, why is it so popular? To me i believe people want to look younger so that they can maintain certain jobs, others want to get tycoons for husbands so that they don't have to work for anything its quite unfortunate, but that's the actual truth.

To answer the question i would prefer having intelligence as opposed to beauty. Because when you are intelligent there is nothing that you cannot have. Its through the intelligence that you will get the beauty that you want. Intelligence will make you read books, margazines, go for forums that will gain you all the materials, and the brains that will enable you to be as beautiful as you want to be. It brings with it everything that you need to have  good life. Beauty just gives you that, beauty that's it. It may gain you fame but just for a short time. Fame doesn't last but intelligence lasts for as long as you live.
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If I were to pick one, I would definitely pick intelligence. No one wants the be a bimbo. Nobody wants to be empty up there. Besides, beauty fades and withers like the flowers do. So when that is all gone, what would you have to fall back on. 

With intelligence comes every other thing, money career and even beauty because you'd be smart enough to know how best to take care of yourself and look good for longevity. 
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When you are younger looks is so important to you. However, as you age the looks will change and you won't have the same sex appeal as you did when you were younger. Therefore, I'd always choose intelligence over looks any day of the week. If you are smart there is nothing that can change as you get older. You will just end up gaining more knowledge and in the end, your knowledge will be beautiful and people will be attracted to you just the same as your looks. 
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Long ago, looks used to matter a lot especially for ladies.People used to make such an assumption that if you're cute there's no need to going to school because you'll obviously get married to a rich guy.

Thank God its 21st century and what matters mostly is your intelligence. There's no successful man who'll marry or date a girl because she's beautiful.Nowadays men like independent ladies who can provide for themselves.

I fully choose intelligence, because once am intelligent then am definitely educated and probably with some good job.
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In my high school days, I used to think that looks is all that mattered. I would buy a lot of make up, dress too smartly and even start loosing the most minute fat on my belly. I was not so interested in school and the learning, I just wanted to attract men with my beauty. 

One motivational speaker changed my mind and made me the person I am today. This speaker taught me to value my brain more than my looks. Good looks will never make me pass in an interview or make me run a company. Since then I have always valued intelligence more than looks. 
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I would definitely choose intelligence.Im not a person that give preference to looks.Nowadays people are preferring and very wise with selection of life partner also.Looks might not be completely avoided but it is the minor trait consider when selecting a partner.Beauty always fade away with age and time.I personally choose intelligence .
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Good looks are the one that comes to us by birth that is what we inherit from our parents about which we cannot do anything and hence have to live with it whether we like it or not. Whereas, intelligence is a thing that every one of us can acquire with a desire to learn and be smart in whatever things we do.
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