Are classes at AIMS IBS lecture-based or discussion-based?
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A rigorous classroom lecture approach, with Group discussions, lecture-based learning, case studies, tutorials, and audio-visual presentations ensure a strong academic rigor for the students. Students also get the opportunity to interact with practicing managers who are invited for guest lectures.
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At AIMS IBS, you will be introduced to the two lectures based similarly to discussion-based classes. There is an immense class held in an assembly hall, a theatre-like room that may arrange a few students. The teacher addresses the entire class while students take notes. Lecture classes are ordinary in first-year courses. Students in these classes may, in like manner, go to a related discussion class.

Discussion classes are regularly an essential piece of lecture classes. Discussions usually are smaller groups of students drove by a graduated class student. You'll achieve additional work, address about the lecture, and get a chance to present requests.

There are in like manner workshops where teachers meet with a little gathering of students. These are much of the time extraordinary courses that underline specific subjects inside the student's major. Workshops are progressively up close and personal, and students look into presentations and discussions—a couple of classes focus on profession or examination capacities.

Faculties at AIMS IBS are a robust pool of experts who have extensive and shifted involvement with the field of scholastics just as the industry. Points IBS has investigated every possibility in the push to gather the first-rate group of experts who are centred around the gathering's vision and offer the organization's profound attached pledge to conveying a quality learning experience to its students. They are enhanced by the deliberately chosen gathering of asset people, every one of whom is a specialist and pioneer in their picked field.

The institution gives study material liberated from cost to all students. Other than the study materials, the organization likewise gives a rundown of distributions to prepared reference and a catalogue of references to make them look and allude quiet. Students will likewise be given enough advanced learning assets by individual staff.

Similarly, as with everything at AIMS IBS, study halls are of the best expectations and are open, and air-conditioned, total with the most recent of encouraging guides like Audiovisual and Video Recording office, projection systems and innovation that makes learning at the organization a refreshing and charming experience.

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