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When is comes to African customs and traditions, reincarnation is something that is taken very seriously and as a pure African man, I strongly believe in reincarnation as well.

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This is something I have always been fascinated by. I don't believe that everyone comes back but I wonder if when a life is cut short, as in a person having an accident, whether they get another shot at life.

One thing that makes me think it could be possible is the fact that very young children have often recalled a previous life in some detail. They seem to remember facts they could not possibly have known from their present life. Most of them seem to forget as they grow older but a case that has always intrigued me and made me think it is possible is a little boy from Scotland who kept telling his mother of his time in a previous life. He could even remember how he died.

You can search this case online. It is called  "The Boy who lived Before: Scottish Reincarnation case" and it makes for very interesting reading.
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There is a way in our African culture that we used to find out who has been reincarnated. When a baby is born, a unique tribal mark is given to the baby. This mark is used to identify the baby when it reincarnates.
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As a Christian, of course I believe. Its always said that when someone dies, its only the body that dies, your soul is taken somewhere to start another life, probably in heaven.

This body dies because it was made from clay and it will go back to the ground. God is the one who breathed life to humans and he's responsible for that soul.

Whether this is true or false we yet don't know because no one has ever died and come back.We only believe this because we're Christians and have faith.
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I think the term reincarnation refers to being born or brought back to life through a different body here in our world and not heavenly places. 
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I'm not sure I believe in reincarnation. I believe that when we die, our bodies decay while our souls moves too another dimension(life after death). Now this is just a believe because no one has actually experienced life after death otherwise they wouldn't have been here. 

If you think about it, there are more mysterious things on earth than what meets the eye. There's definitely more to discover and our stories continue after death. Only then can we know for sure. 
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Reincarnation seems like a very interesting subject, one that I have a lot of interest in. I just want to make it clear that I believe in reincarnation, maybe not in the sense everyone thinks, but it just might be happening.

I came across a documentary not too long ago of a German world war 2 soldier who got reincarnated as an American boy about 25 - 30 years later. This American kid was just like every other normal kid, but he had passion for arts, something his parents encouraged him by making available tools to go about his drawings. He began drawing things that made perfect match to certain works of history. And with time, he also started having visions, like memories, only that these memories weren't his actual self, but those of a German pilot. His parents took it seriously and began making research. They later discovered that the visions he kept having were actual events of a dead German soldier during his life time.

When they traveled to Germany following the boy's vision, they got to a place, a house where the boy called home. Upon knocking at the door, am older woman came through, and without any delay, the boy called the old woman by a pet name. She was stunned as no one ever called her by that name, except for her late brother who died piloting a plane during the second world war. A lot was revealed of the boys visions which the old confirmed them all. It was later concluded that the boy might actually be a reincarnation of the late German pilot. They are many other cases like that of the boy and the German pilot.

If this isn't an evidence of reincarnation, I wonder what else it could be. Or maybe when we all die, we get reincarnated but we don't just remember our past lives, except for a few like the one stated above.

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