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I never know anyone saying that coconut makes them tired.Coconut water makes one very active and refreshing . Especially during summer time people prefer to have coconut water because it gives instant energy and refreshing feeling.It makes body cool and keeps us hydrated .The people who don't like to drink plain water prefer coconut as a option.As Coconut water is packed with minerals and nutrients it's good for health .I think some some foods are not suitable for some people,they should avoid taking it .I suggest you to avoid it if you really find coconut as a tiring drink.You can choose other healthy drinks.
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Living on an island where coconuts are abundant and a way of life this is the first time I've ever heard this. People, her take the green coconuts, remove the husk, put them on ice, and use it for drinking water. It is very strange that they should make you tried. I'm wondering if you have some sort of reaction to coconuts or even the coconut water. People have allergies and sometimes we don't even know we have one. This could be the problem in your case that you are allergic to the coconut and the water is affecting you in this way. I would either stop drinking the water or go to a doctor to find out if you might have some sort of an allergic reaction to coconuts. 

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This is really weird because this is the first time I am hearing a development like yours about coconut water inducing tiredness when drank. The truth is, coconut water is renowned for its property of energizing whoever there drinker is. However, with this your claim, I presume something must be out of place either on the side of the coconut water or you that consumed it.

Notwithstanding, it might be that the coconut water is the type that has its energy-boosting property depleted due to over preservation. Because there are times, I will open up coconut, to my surprise, I will discover the water has gather somewhat unpleasant smell in it. If this is not the case, it might be that you body system is not processing coconut water as other people's body do.

I will advise you seek the help of a professional medical expert in order for your condition to be ascertained. Assumptions are not ideal when it comes to matters of health.

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