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Most likely.

AI will be controller by certain companies and people and will have the data about pretty much everybody. When you leave power and control in the hands of few (especially bug companies and government) things usually go wrong. 

I do not think that AI will be used solely for good purposes either, it Will keep tags on peoplePand will definitely cause trouble.
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It is really had to explain what is necessary and what is unnecessary. It all depends on how you interpret things. I think anything that helps the mankind are necessary.
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It may be dangerous at times and very useful at the same time. AI can turn against their makers and rule over them or even kill them. This can bring humans to the bridge of extinction. AI can start to reason on their own and try to chose between whatever is wrong or right for them. This can make the world a very unfit for human existence.
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Other people think that this idea is just a facade. They feel man programmed these AI so there's no way they can be smarter. Well....
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Artificial intelligence is no doubt one one the greatest tools and advancement that man has ever created. All around us, AI has been improving lives in different aspects like medicine and surgery, education, statistics, data analysis etc.

Even today, we have robots being programed to perform certain functions. Now to the question. Man has always been known to go overboard in whatever agenda. Like the case of robots taking over jobs. It isn't necessary to have them replace and perform all the functions that an able grown human being would have otherwise done. This takes the food out of the table, disrupts workforce and labor force. That in my opinion is another thing to deal with.

Having AI perform the menial tasks that would make life better, advanced functions for problems beyond understanding like it is and non threatening to human sustenance is very welcomed.
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If it is subject to distract or there is a setting that it could destruct mankind then it means it is very dangerous. I watched a movie with the same title and if it has a setting that in latter part it will destruct itself to hurt people or mankind  then in that way, it would be very dangerous. i do believe that even the maker or a having an Artificial Intelligence has its imperfections or flaws. Some have hidden purpose on something and some are created for revenge or to steal something. I am not sure if that really exists but we never know one day it will just come out and will share a good purpose but the truth is it has hidden agenda. Trust me, everything would not be perfect, and there is always a dark side of everything. Also if you use it differently, it will work strangely .

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