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People are grouchy in the morning because maybe they have not sleep complete like 8 hours or less than that. I used to be grouchy when I don't have enough sleep and that is only the reason of grouchiness.
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Being grouchy is a choice really. no one ever wants to be like that, but it's either you did not accomplish what you had set out to do the previous day or lack of enough sleep, or your just not feeling that day. there could be various reasons.

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It does seem that some people do not wake up in a good mood and it will take them several cups of coffee before they can function properly.I am a morning person, it's my favourite part of the day so I am likely to be in a good mood unless I am ill or I have not slept well. We all have different body clocks so feel more alert at different parts of the day. 

Grouchiness is associated with the sleep inertia phase, a period of time lasting from 5-20 minutes or maybe longer in which it takes a person to wake up properly. Research shows that it can be associated with tiredness but also having a bad attitude towards the day. If grouchiness only occurs during a working week and not at the weekend or days when you don't work it could mean you are grouchy at the thought of having to face your working day.
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There are some people that are not moring people. When they first wake in the morning they need the time to wake up, adjust, and get going. If people bother them it makes them grouchy and angry. All they want is to be left alone so they can wake up and start their day.

Then we have people that can wake up and be so happy and the world is just so wonderful. I've always envied these type of people because I am not a morning person. I know so many people who aren't morning people. Unless it is on the weekend and they can sleep and lay in bed for a time before getting up. Some people when they first wake up hate to stand up. I don't hate to stand up, I am just not a morning person at all. I prefer the night and I consider myself a night person. 

It is strange a morning person isn't a night person and a night person isn't a morning person. 
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Usually according to our tradition, its always said it depends with which side of the bed you wake up facing.They always say, waking with the left hand ruins the whole of your day.Also another tradition, depends with the colour of  clothe you wear when you wake up.Red usually symbolises danger and this will make you moody almost the whole day.

According to science, some people grouch in the morning depending on how they've started their day.When you wake up in the morning its good to start your day by making peace with everyone around you.All you need to do is look yourself at the mirror then smile.This has always worked for me and I can recommend it.

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