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answered by VISIONARY (9,071 points) 5 21 51
When I was young my parents and grandparents use to tell us that breakfast was the most import meal of the day. They would force us to sit down and eat. As I grew older and was living on my own, I would never eat breakfast, but I did make sure my daughter did. As a child. it is important to eat in the morning. It helps them concentrate at school, helps them grow, and if they don't eat their body will be hungry and they will not function correctly.

I feel as an adult we understand our bodies better than anyone else. It is hard to eat in the morning when you first wake up and you're not hungry. It is fine to go for a few hours until your body tells you that you need to give it some food for energy. I can't eat when I first wake up in the morning, but 2 to 4 hours later, I need to eat. Our bodies will tell us when we need to feed them and we can regulate our eating habits according to our need.

A child will really need to eat in the morning because they are growing and when they wake up they need food to get started. Normally children, when they are younger, will need to eat at least 5 times a day. In the morning, mid-morning, noon, mid-afternoon and in the evening. This helps them to continue to grow because their bodies need the extra food to grow by. 
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answered by LEGEND (6,404 points) 6 13 36
Actually it's not healthy because someone's brain is very active in the morning.The brain needs energy to think and not only the brain but the whole body in general.

In the morning and mid afternoon the body is at its best ,active. Its hence important to take breakfast and lunch.The only diet that's not that essential is supper because you're going to bed and the body doesn't need much energy at night unlike it is in the morning.
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Skipping breakfast even if you are not hungry is unhealthy. You will not feel that it is affecting you in any way but surely it does. Therefore, if you are not hungry you should at least take something. Say a cup of coffee or tea. This will awaken your stomach and allow your body to burn some calories. 

Studies in nutrition have proven that people who take breakfast are living a healthier than those who skip breakfast regularly. One study showed that skipping breakfast causes the body to burn a lot of calories. When many calories are burned several times it can lead to inflammation. 

You can skip breakfast some days. This will be like intermittent fasting which is very healthy but do not make it a regular process to always skip breakfast. 
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answered by LEGEND (6,082 points) 7 21 49
I know there is this general say that 'breakfast is the most important meal of the day'. But I don't see the reason of one eating at any point of the day, be it breakfast or any other meal when one is not hungry.

I also know that many people would refute my claim, because they also say that by eating breakfast, it would prevent one from eating unnecessary junk foods during the day, that would probably result to weight gain over time. I guess this is where the unheathiness of skipping breakfast came from.

But I am of the opinion, however, that if one wants to follow the breakfast rules, one must at least try to empty his/her bowel before eating that morning. Breakfast is important, I agree, but not eating it when one is not hungry.
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answered by ELITE (3,094 points) 3 6 14
Breakfast is the most important meal for every human and it must not be skipped consecutively because it has much implications that one can ordinarily presume. I presently battle with ulcer and it all started with not eating on time or skipping the most important meal. One thing about meal is, once you skip a particular times' own it tends to appear at the next times' own. Even when you don't feel hungry, you need to at least take something for breakfast to balance the system routine.

The body recognizes the first mmeal of every day as the best meal. You'll believe with me that, once you change your breakfast time table either by shifting it before or after the usual time. You'll ordinarily experience rrunning stomach within that period. The experience is actually connected to the routine of when the blood vessel is empty and when in it usually gets its first nutrients.

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